After cycling , these 8 things have to be done .

500ml of water immediately after riding? Or shower right away? Or sit down or even lie down immediately? The above are all improper ways to relax after riding, which can be called a potential health "killer", which will not only make your efforts in sports more effective, but also bring hidden dangers to disease!

Today I will teach you 8 great ways to relax and ride superbly.


1. Body stretch

After strenuous exercise, you can stretch your muscles for about 10 minutes. First of all, when doing stretching, you can either squat or stand, but if you sit down, you must lay a sponge pad on the ground to prevent moisture on the ground from invading your body, otherwise it will make the weak muscles and joints appear more Severe soreness.

If you are really tired, you can lie down for a while, so that the position of your feet is slightly higher than the position of the head, or the position of the head, then shake and pat the muscles of the thighs, calves, upper arms and forearms in turn. In addition, you can also jog to relax. It is best to alternate fast and slow. When you feel that your heart rate and breathing are stable, then move on to walking.


2. Muscle massage

Massage and relax the muscles with the most exertion and fatigue after exercise is an effective way to eliminate fatigue.

Massage is generally performed 20 minutes after the end of the exercise or before going to bed on the night of the exercise. Starting from light pressing, it gradually progresses to massage, kneading, pressing and squeezing, with local shaking.

The massage should start from the part away from the heart, that is, from the feet, thighs to the waist, from the hands, forearms, upper arms to the chest. You can also massage each other with your partner. If conditions permit, it is best to receive professional restorative massage.




3. Meditation recovery

You can sit or lie on your back, with your limbs stretched out, in a quiet state, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in an environment that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Focus on the things that your brain imagines, such as warm sunlight shining on you, refreshing breeze blowing on your face, rhythmic waves beating, or walking in the woods with birds and flowers. At the same time, the relaxation effect will be more multiplied if it can cooperate with the relaxed breathing.


4. Vitamin group supplement

Studies have found that when the human body feels tired or after a large amount of exercise, giving 100-150g glucose to supplement the heat consumption during exercise can promote the storage of liver glycogen, prevent fatty liver, and restore blood sugar levels and accelerate the elimination of blood lactic acid The role of.

In addition, pay attention to supplementing protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, niacin, water and minerals in the diet. Because training consumes a large amount of energy substances, vitamins and minerals in the body, if the level of these substances is not returned to normal as soon as possible, the body's exercise capacity will be affected.


Vitamin group supplement


5. Control false appetite

Hunger after exercise is mostly a false signal of thirst. At this time, it is best to eat a fruit first, which will not only fill the appetite, replenish water, but also suppress excessive appetite.



6. Shower

Drink some salty water appropriately after exercise, then rest for about 1 hour, do some preparation activities and take a shower. The water temperature in the shower after exercise should be appropriate, because just after exercise, sweating profusely, if the cold water causes the capillary to contract suddenly, it is easy to reduce the body's resistance and cause diseases. If the water temperature exceeds 40 degrees, myocardial ischemia will increase significantly.


 Take a bath


7. Take a bath

Aromatic baths use the characteristics of essential oils that are insoluble in water, so that essential oil components can be absorbed by the body through steam contact, thereby effectively promoting physical and mental health. The water temperature between 29-34 degrees is the most suitable. If you want to lose weight, reduce muscle pain, adjust physical discomfort, etc., you can increase the water temperature.

Pour 5 drops of essential oil into a bathtub full of water before taking a bath. After evenly dispersing it with your hands, soak the whole body in water for not too long, about 20-30 minutes.

While soaking in the bath, you can use body massage oil to gently massage the sore muscles, and then pour proper massage oil into the bath tub filled with hot water, soak the whole body in it, you can completely relax the stress of the day Got without a trace.




8. Quality sleep

Those who regularly participate in exercise should ensure adequate sleep time and a good sleeping environment. Generally, at least 8 hours of sleep is guaranteed every day.

Some people suffer from insomnia after exercise. The main reason is that our nerves are still in a state of excitement after exercise, making it difficult to fall asleep for a while. Before going to bed, you can listen to some relaxing music and drink a glass of milk to relax your mood. If insomnia is severe, it is recommended to advance the cycling exercise time.

Relaxing after the correct ride will not only make your body feel more relaxed, it can also cleanse your body and detoxify, and riders who want to lose weight can also achieve a multiplier effect!

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