When the injury recovers, how to adjust the state and restart exercise .

We will all suffer from external injuries, diseases, and accidental injuries at some point.Although the current level of medical care is very high, there will always be a delay. Even if it is a few weeks, you will feel that this period is long and difficult. How can you keep your body and mind in a good state when you cannot ride a bicycle due to physical factors or have to rest due to other severe exercise restrictions? Kristin Keim, a clinical and sports psychologist who often deals with similar dilemmas for athletes, has some suggestions for these situations.

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"First of all, psychologically, you have to realize that whether it is due to illness, injury, or recovery after the game, this rest period is good for your body and spirit. When treating the trimming period, you should treat it as a transitional period instead of During the setback period, reasonable adjustments during this period can help you return strongly in the next stage!"
Keim said "Any obstacle in our lives will benefit us," Keim said. "Studies have shown that physical or mental struggle is actually good for us, because we cannot grow without experiencing some trauma psychologically or physically. Just like every time you ride a bicycle, it will cause different degrees to your body. Damage, but it is the body’s response to combat these injuries that makes your body stronger and stronger.”


She said, “It takes time to recover during the transitional period, just like pressing the reset button when a machine fails. Develop a rehabilitation plan, which may include physical therapy, acupuncture and other medical treatments.” In this regard, Keim recommends that the doctor and the coach work together Develop a time schedule of rehabilitation training to make you feel that everything is under control. This approach allows you to keep your mind and body in the same state during the healing process for better recovery.

"But not being able to participate in sports for a period of time will cause marginalized psychological frustration and anxiety-is it difficult for me to recover as soon as possible? Will this period of time make me regress a lot? Athletes are forced to slow down and cause some psychological depression. It's normal," Keim said. "Many people have been talking about people during their physical recovery" What happened to my body? When will it be better? Will it affect the future? But know that if you put too much pressure on yourself mentally, you will spend more time healing."


When you can't ride a bike or other strenuous exercises are restricted, Keim also recommends exploring other sports and try cross training, such as jogging and swimming. Make a careful plan for each day to divert attention, find more balance in life and other hobbies, to avoid falling into depression, and to keep your body and mind in a better state during the recovery period, which is better than reluctant to force your body It's much better to get out of the recovery period too early and strengthen exercise.

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