If you want to ride at night to be safer, you must have these equipment

With the advent of summer, many friends choose to ride at night to escape the heat. Since night riding is talked about, safety equipment related to night riding is definitely indispensable. Today, let’s take a look at what equipment is needed for night riding. .




A reliable headlight is very important in night riding. The headlight not only helps you see whether there are obstacles in the road ahead, but also ensures that oncoming cars and pedestrians can notice you.

If you are riding in the city, it is recommended to equip with a headlight of about 200-400 lumens. After all, the lighting conditions in most urban areas can ensure that you can see the road ahead clearly. The headlights of about 200-400 lumens are that. It can ensure that the other party can find you, and that the other party will not be uncomfortable by the strong light.

If you are riding in a sparsely populated area, it is recommended to choose a headlight above 800 lumens to ensure that you can see the road ahead clearly.




Taillights are also one of the indispensable equipment during riding. In addition to allowing the car from behind to see you, a qualified taillight can also remind you to keep the distance between the riders following the car. Now some taillights on the market have Adapted to the brake warning and ant+ function, you can adjust the flashing mode and check the power according to the time through the stopwatch, so that it is not glare at night, and it can alert the rear effect during the day.


Cycling glasses


Summer nights are also one of the most active periods when mosquitoes are infested. A pair of riding glasses can prevent the eyes from entering foreign objects when riding, and choosing the right lens can not only prevent mosquitoes from flying into the eyes, but also improve the brightness of the field of vision. If you want One lens has multiple uses. It is recommended to consider color-changing lenses, but the light transmittance at night may not be as good as ordinary transparent lenses. If you are only riding at night, then a spare yellow or transparent lens is a wise choice.


Safety equipment such as helmets and gloves


Helmets and gloves are essential equipment at all times. After all, they are equipment to ensure the safety of life. You should not leave them at home for a ride at night. If you don’t have a helmet, it is recommended to buy one. A helmet that suits you, then ride on the road.

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