Rain is better for cycling? You must understand these 8 reasons .

"Open the door, go into the rain, and ride presumptuously." This is the advice of Kate Veronneau, the former tour guide of Thomson Bikes, to the group members who have reported to her dreamland tour group. After all, the weather is not as expected, and the weather when you leave the car will not always be as sunny as you expect.

Kate also said: "It is very important to learn how to control the car in rain and other situations and to match different equipment (skills) in different environments."

She was right. I believe that many of you have had the experience of being "caught" by the downpour during a long enough ride. Instead of being depressed at home (not allowed to leave the car), it is better to learn how to accurately control the car in the rain and enjoy the The rain dances and releases the true self in it presumptuously.

Although not everyone likes rain riding, occasionally rain riding is also very important. (Why?) The following is the reason.


riding in the rain

1. Improve control ability

Riding a bike in rainy conditions is much more dangerous than on dry ground, because the roads in rainy days are often very slippery, and the various indicator lines and various reminders on the flat asphalt road are slippery like ice because of the rain. . (Riding on this kind of road) The car will be more difficult to stop, but also easier to slip, which requires you to control the braking force and brake earlier.

In the case of slippery conditions, tires are more likely to lose support when turning. This requires us to minimize the angle of inclination of the body when turning, keep the body as vertical as possible, and avoid sudden turns. When you master these actions, you will find that your ability to control the car is stronger.


riding in rain


2. Improve the ability to configure vehicle equipment

Want to know if your jacket is waterproof and windproof? You'll know after 40 minutes of riding in the rain. When you ride in the rain for a long time, you can often find out what kind of jacket you really want.

At the same time, you will not only master the breathing skills of riding in the rain, but also appreciate the mudguards installed in advance for not making your back dirty, and reducing the tire pressure by 10-15psi (to increase traction) for you. The benefits.


3. Learning to ride in the rain can make your trip plan more coherent

If you are not living in a place where it rarely rains throughout the year, the rainy season or sudden rain will often interrupt your riding plan, but if you learn to ride in the rain, you will never be afraid of interrupting your plan. 

racing in rain


4. You look very heroic when riding in the rain

When you ride in the rain without hesitation, the surprised eyes and stunned expressions cast by passersby will never be out of date. Family and friends think that you are crazy before going to Yuqi, but what they don't know is that deep in your heart, that unscrupulous desire to go wild has been suppressed for too long.


5. Enhance self-confidence

All the skills and experience learned in the rain ride will make you more confident in the rain, no matter if you are riding a bike or in other environments. To tell the truth, after the storm, you are already unstoppable.



6. Riding in the rain can regain the self as a child

The simple joys of childhood have long been forgotten by us who have grown up for various reasons, but when we step on puddles and splash water, we can find these joys from the depths of our memory again. It was only a moment, but it was enough.



7. The fun of being alone

When it rains, people often stay at home. At this time, Yuqi, the whole street and the whole world seem to belong to you. The colors on a gray background tend to be more colorful. You will be surprised to find some beautiful scenery that you have never seen before. I believe that after having such an experience, you will still drive out on rainy days.


8. Redefine the feeling of comfort

When you get out of the wind and rain, take off your drenched cycling clothes, put on fluffy pajamas, and feel satisfied for yourself bravely facing nature, the feeling of comfort and ease will be unparalleled.



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