The stage 9 of the Tour de France : Pogacar has unlimited potential, Roglic won yellow jersey.

Tour de France
On September 6, the ninth stage of the Tour de France ended. Pogacar defeated Roglic and Hirschi in the final sprint to win the stage. The two Slovenes teamed up to get rid of Adam Yates, and Roglic became the new owner of the yellow jersey.

You see, this mountain is so high and towering, this climbing is difficult and cruel. The next stage 9 brought a grade 4, two grade 3 and two grade 1 climbs. The Col de la Hourcère and Col de Soudet peaks in the middle of the stage stood mercilessly in front of the sprint point. Sprinters Once again missed the sprint points. The first 50km of the stage is relatively casual. After entering the Pyrenees, the altitude rises sharply. The first grade 1 climb is 11.1km long, with an average slope of 8.8% and a maximum slope of 11.4%. Even after climbing the first mountain, after 5 kilometers downhill, it is a short and steep 3-level climb. The maximum slope reaches 11% again. These two consecutive climbs will affect the game trend to a certain extent.

It's not over yet. There is a level 1 climb with a length of 7.7km and an average gradient of 8.6% before the end. The last 5km of the climb has a gradient of more than 10%, and the maximum is 13.6%. The driver who first grabs the climbing point will get reward time. As a stage before the rest day, how can you not abuse it?

the stage 8 champion

After the start of the race, many drivers tried to break through. Cosnefroy (AG2R) wearing a polka-dot shirt made an effort on level 4 climbing and successfully took 1 climbing point. Subsequently, the main group charged continuously, and Roche (Team Sunweb) briefly separated from the main group, but the main group slowly shortened Roche's lead like a black hole. Soon after, Roche was taken back by the main group, Alaphilippe (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) attacked solo, and the French wanted to recover the time lost yesterday.

Alaphilippe's offense was disintegrated by the main group led by the FDJ team. The French were unwilling to stop there. After a short break, they accelerated again and the main group was pulled into a long dragon. Alaphilippe's two attacks failed to last, and more drivers began to look for opportunities to stand out, and Aru (UAE TEAM EMIRATES) fell behind. The main group entered a cooling state, and the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team took over the lead. Coming to the gently descent section, the main group once again pulled out a speed of 75km/h, and the competition became fierce again.

Dan Martin (Israel Start-Up Nation), Trentin (CCC), Madouas (FDJ), Carthy (EF Education First), Benoot (Team Sunweb), Mads Pedersen (Trek-Segafredo) and other drivers brought in less than 50km at the start of the race After several waves of wonderful offenses, no one can successfully break through the main group. The average speed of the main group reached 51.455km/h. Once the driver is left behind, it is difficult to return to the main group.

Mads Pedersen, Van Avermaet (CCC), Van Aert (Team Jumbo-Visma), Cavagna (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) and others attacked several times before the arrival of the 1st level climb. The pace of the game accelerated again, and Aru alone fell behind the main group For more than 4 minutes, he was only accompanied by a medical vehicle and a containment vehicle. Can the Italians persist?

At 97km from the finish line, all the breakout drivers were recovered. The Team Sunweb team performed actively and sent many drivers to look for opportunities in front of the group. Pinot seems to have regained his form, following the first few waves of offensive climbing, and has not yet entered the most difficult climbing section. The former Tour de France climber, Barguil (Team Arkea Samsic) performed amazingly. He led Van Aert, Rolland (B&B Hotels–Vital Concept), Kamna (Bora-Hansgrohe), Mollema (Trek-Segafredo), Pinot, Gaudu and Reichenbach (FDJ) and others formed a small group in the front, while the main GC drivers followed the Team Jumbo-Visma team not far behind.

With 5km away from the climbing point, Hirschi (Team Sunweb) led the breakout riders alone. Soon after Martinez left the breakout group and started chasing Hirschi ahead, the race entered a stalemate. There is still 2km to climb, Pinot's status dropped again, behind the GC Group for more than 1 minute. This time Pinot has almost no teammates around him. He can only rely on his own strength to get back to the main group.

Hirschi took the lead and successfully won the first grade 1 climbing point in the race. The 22-year-old Swiss teenager performed very well in this year's Tour de France. At this time, the main group was 1 minute and 30 seconds behind Hirschi under the strong lead of Team Jumbo-Visma. There were 36 people in the group, and there were no teammates around Adam Yates in the yellow shirt. Aru finally couldn't hold on, got into the car and retired, stopping at stage 9.

Hirschi pushed the boat along the water and won the level 3 climbing point. Team Jumbo-Visma took control of the main group's rhythm. It was 2 minutes and 50 seconds behind Hirschi. More and more drivers began to fall behind. Thick fog, low temperature and sudden light rain made the climb today. Poe became harder. Hirschi led the small group of seven behind by 3 minutes and 20 seconds and passed the sprint point on the way, 4 minutes and 26 seconds ahead of the main group. How long can Hirschi last after a long downhill?

At 44km from the finish line, only Hirschi remained the breakout driver, leading the main group by 4 minutes and 30 seconds. The Team Jumbo-Visma team had the upper hand. In the following climbs, the time gap was narrowed and Buchmann (Bora-Hansgrohe) fell behind.

20.5km before the finish line, Pogacar attacked and Adam Yates fell behind. Pogacar’s offense brought out Roglic, Landa, Bernal and Quintana. In the last 20km, Bernal made an effort. After a wave of offenses, the white shirt group only left Bernal, Pogacar, Roglic, Richie Porte and Landa. Adam Yates was very good. It is possible to lose the yellow jersey in this stage.

Victory for two Slovenians

Behind the Bernal Group, Badi is struggling to roll his car, and the French successfully ditched Quintana and joined the Bernal Group. Hirschi took the lead of 1 minute and 2 seconds and passed the last climbing point. Bernal and others arrived afterwards, and the two Slovenians began to sprint to compete for the reduced reward. Pogacar lags behind Roglic in the sprint. Just when he looked back at Bernal and the others, Pogacar's front wheel ran against Roglic's car. Pogacar nearly crashed, but fortunately there was no accident. Roglic gets a 5-second minus reward at the climbing point, and Pogacar gets a 2-second minus reward.

Bernal, Pogacar, Roglic and Landa dumped Richie Porte and joined forces to chase Hirschi. They have to sprint at the end to determine the winner. In the last 1.7km, Hirschi was overtaken. He planned to rest behind the GC Group and relax his tired legs after a long-distance breakthrough.

The leader of Roglic entered the final 500m, Landa followed behind and stood still. At 200m, the sprint battle started, Hirschi shot out from the rear, and victory seemed to be within reach. At this moment, Pogacar broke away from Roglic's wake, bit Hirschi's rear wheel, and achieved overtaking at the final critical moment. In the end, Pogacar won the stage championship, Roglic won second and Hirschi third.

After the stage ended, Roglic became the new overall leader and put on the lead yellow jersey. Sagan retains the sprint green jersey, Cosnefroy is still the owner of the climbing polka dot jersey, Bernal leads the best young driver white jersey, and Hirschi wins the Combativity award for the stage.

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