What is a scooter? The 6 major doubts of parents are thoroughly explained!

If you are a parent and it happens that your child has just learned to walk, then you have probably heard of the child scooter. But, do you know what a children's scooter is? Do you think you should buy one for your child? How much does a scooter cost? This article will take you to solve these problems one by one and let you understand this new thing.


1. What is a scooter?

A scooter, or a children's balance bike, looks very similar to other children's bicycles at first glance-it consists of front and rear wheels, a frame, a front fork, a seat and a handlebar. However, one (or rather two) very important part disappeared, and that is-the pedal! Since there are no pedals, children push themselves forward by pushing their feet backwards when sitting on the seat. In addition to improving the sense of balance, children can also learn to control the handlebars of the bicycle to change directions, so that their sense of direction is also developed. With the improvement of their balance ability, it will not take long before they will be ready to "hike up" their first bicycle.

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2. What is the target age of the scooter?

Scooters tend to be geared towards young children from two to six years old, and some manufacturers’ products are only suitable for children 18 months old. In China, such big babies may already have safer toys such as scooters and tricycles, but they have rarely touched real bicycles. In recent years, we have noticed that more and more children are riding scooters, and as a result they are beginning to get in touch with bicycles faster. Since the size of the vehicle will be different, please make sure you buy the size that fits your child-when he sits on the seat, his feet must be flat on the ground to complete the backward kicking action. Move forward.



3. What is the difference between a stroller with auxiliary wheels and a scooter?

Children's bicycles with training wheels can allow children to quickly begin to get in touch with cycling. However, it is precisely because the "third foot" maintains the balance between the person and the car that the child cannot find a sense of balance on his own, which will hinder the child from learning to truly "ride a bicycle." And a scooter allows children to quickly learn to master balance by themselves, making it easier to learn to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. In fact, my first bicycle was equipped with auxiliary wheels, and after getting used to a car that would not fall, the process of removing the auxiliary wheels was simply a pain.


4. Can children with limited mobility ride scooter?

Scooter can indeed provide a good choice for some children with limited mobility. This is because the balance on the scooter is very easy to control. You only need to land on your feet to ensure you don't fall. Some scooters have also been specially modified to suit their owners.



5. What should I pay attention to when riding a scooter?

Scooter is relatively portable and is often used for outdoor activities, so safety is the first element. Parents and friends should make sure that the bicycle seat cushion is set to the correct height to allow your child to lie flat on the ground while sitting on the seat. This helps them kick the ground and gives them a certain degree of confidence.

Find a suitable place to practice. Make sure that there are no other traffic participants in this place, and there can be no older children riding bicycles or people who play football or play football. A big dog that popped up suddenly? It's scary enough to think about it.

It seems that you can rarely find such an ideal place in China, but in fact, as long as the parents are careful enough, you can find a child’s "training field" in the community, park or small square downstairs.

6. What can I do with the scooter?

Cycling is a sport that is easy to indulge, and once children fall in love with cycling, they can’t help themselves.

For those children who are naturally competitive, you can also try to participate in the scooter race, and even the U8 CX race (cross-country under 8)! Such competitions usually appear in the form of "cycling carnivals" and "family parent-child groups". The purpose is to cultivate more fun for children, so the competition is lower.


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