The eleventh stage of the Tour de France: SAGAN's dangerous sprint loses the result, EWAN decisively wins the stage

On September 9, the eleventh stage of the Tour de France ended. EWAN, SAGAN, VAN AERT and Sam BENNETT staged a wonderful sprint before the finish line. In the end, EWAN won the stage champion and once again stood on the top of the stage podium. Due to the intense sprint action, SAGAN collided with VAN AERT, the stage results were cancelled, and the sprint points were not collected.

The eleventh stage is the last flat stage of the second stage of the Tour de France. The sprint points at the end are crucial for the sprinters to compete for the green shirt.

The main group was downsizing again, and the FORMOLO (UAE TEAM EMIRATES) that crashed yesterday did not stand on the starting line today. In the neutral riding stage, LUTSENKO (Astana Pro Team) and ZAKARIN (CCC) crashed, adding a little episode to this otherwise plain stage.

After the game officially started, LADAGNOUS (FDJ) broke through alone. Because it was against the wind, no one in the main group wanted to chase or participate in the breakout. After entering the riding state early, LADAGNOUS was able to fly far. 15km after the start of the race, the French breakout rider has established a lead of 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

20km after the start of the race, six NAESEN (AG2R), KüNG (FDJ), PÖSTLBERGER (Bora-Hansgrohe), STUYVEN (Trek-Segafredo), GOGL (NTT) and VAN ASBROECK (Israel Start-Up Nation) teamed up to break through. Leaving the main group, the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team led the main group to accelerate from the rear. After 10km, the chasing six was 1 minute and 35 seconds behind LADAGNOUS, and the main group was 1 minute and 45 seconds behind the leading driver. The pace of the race was gradually accelerating.

Soon after, a wave of acceleration from the main group extinguished the illusion of a breakthrough in the small group of six, and only LADAGNOUS was still insisting. However, under the leadership of the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team, the main group seems to have let go of LADAGNOUS, the only breakout driver, and the pace of the race slowed down again. At the 42km, LADAGNOUS's lead rose to 3 minutes again.

DE GENDT (Lotto Soudal) took the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team behind him steadily forward and entered the final 100km. LADAGNOUS still had a 3-minute lead.


The only level 4 climb in the race was won by LADAGNOUS. It was still 75km from the finish line. The main group was still behind by 2 minutes and 56 seconds. The Deceuninck-Quick-Step team took on most of the lead tasks, and the next The sprint point on the way will be the focus of the sprinters in the main group.

LADAGNOUS successfully passed the sprint point on the way, the B&B Hotels-Vital Concept team started to lead the ride, MØRKØV (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) took Sam BENNETT in a green shirt and surpassed COQUARD (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept) and others, and finally Sam BENNETT took the lead in sprinting and won the second place with 17 sprint points, MØRKØV successfully won the third place, SAGAN fourth place with 13 points, and TRENTIN, who started the sprint together, won the fifth sprint point. So far, Sam BENNETT's sprint points have led SAGAN by 25 points.

At 43km from the end, LADAGNOUS returned to the main group and ended today's 124km breakout mission. The main group drove against the wind, Team Jumbo-Visma, TOTAL DIRECT ENERGIE, Deceuninck-Quick-Step and AG2R team led the way forward. MüHLBERGER (Bora-Hansgrohe) retired.

Passing through a small town 30km before the finish line, the group crashed. ROJAS (Movistar Team), Ion IZAGIRRE (Astana Pro Team) and NEILANDS (Israel Start-Up Nation) fell to the ground. Among them, LóPEZ’s powerful deputy Ion IZAGIRRE was injured. Seriously, I had to withdraw from this Tour de France.
The car group entered the last 20km at a speed of close to 60km/h. Each team began to find a favorable position. The main group was drawn into a long dragon. The unwilling ALAPHILIPPE retreated to the back of the main group in the last 7km and chatted with LADAGNOUS. .

The raid was unsuccessful, the sprint battle was even more exciting

In the last 6km, SCHACHMANN (Bora-Hansgrohe) unexpectedly launched an attack. ASGREEN and JUNGELS (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) reacted quickly, and after 1km they caught up with SCHACHMANN. The three of them formed an assault in front of the main group. Cofidis Solutions Crédits team took the main group. Chasing in the rear. ASGREEN exhausted the last stamina for the JUNGELS leader, while SCHACHMANN steadily followed behind JUNGELS. This pursuit made the lieutenants of each team consume a lot.

In the last 2km, NTT team led the team to chase the raid driver, Lotto Soudal team and CCC team came to the front of the group, VAN AVERMAET struggling to lead TRENTIN. The sprint war started and Sam BENNETT boarded the sprint train of the B&B Hotels-Vital Concept team. The VAN AERT on the right side of the track launched an early sprint. At this time, Sam BENNETT was behind a full parking space behind the left.

The sprint battle quickly escalated, SAGAN shot out from the right side of VAN AERT, and the sprint madness even made physical contact with VAN AERT. EWAN once again showed strong strength, overtaking from the left side of Sam BENNETT, all the way to the forefront of the sprint group, EWAN, SAGAN, VAN AERT and Sam BENNETT almost at the same time before the end of the cart, and the outcome is difficult to distinguish.

In the end, EWAN defeated a group of sprinting superstars with a slight advantage and won the stage championship again. SAGAN seems to have recovered part of the state, and the second crossed the finish line. Sam BENNETT was third, VAN AERT who sprinted prematurely, and COQUARD of the B&B Hotels-Vital Concept team ranked in the top five.

After the end of the stage, Roglič's overall lead yellow jersey, COSNEFROY climbing polka dot jersey and BERNAL best young driver white jersey remained unchanged. Because SAGAN made too much action during the sprint and dashed into VAN AERT, the stage results were cancelled, and the points for the sprint and finish sprint were all deducted. In the end, Sam Bennett ranked first in the sprint standings with 243 points and continued to wear a sprint green shirt. SAGAN ranked second with 175 points, COQUARD ranked third with 157 points, and EWAN reached fourth with 155 points. LADAGNOUS won the stage Dare to Fight Award.

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