The twelfth stage of the Tour de France: the Swiss teenager realizes his dream .

On September 10th, the twelfth stage of the Tour de France ended. HIRSCHI (Team Sunweb) made a solo breakthrough again. This time he finally realized his dream and won his first Tour de France championship.

Coming to the 218km long twelfth stage, the first half is still a sprinter, and the second half is a little difficult. The second level climb with bonus time is 3.8km long and has an average slope of 7.7%, which is very suitable for short-hill explosive riders. The climb 5km before the finish line exceeds 100m, and a wonderful climbing sprint will be staged here.

The race officially began, and many drivers launched a breakout action. In the end, only ERVITI (Movistar Team), SáNCHEZ (Astana Pro Team), POLITT (Israel Start-Up Nation) and WALSCHEID (NTT) successfully escaped from the main group, and inside the main group In a car crash, Guillaume MARTIN (Cofidis Solutions Crédits), LUTSENKO (Astana Pro Team), BONIFAZIO (TOTAL DIRECT ENERGIE), ROJAS (Movistar Team) and others fell to the ground. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The main group was advancing at high speed, and the speed was close to 60km/h. SAGAN intended to join the breakout group before the sprint point arrived, but it was still unable to get rid of Sam BENNETT, which was behind him. The Bora-Hansgrohe team took most of the leading tasks for this. Soon after, BURGAUDEAU (TOTAL DIRECT ENERGIE) and ASGREEN (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) successfully left, and they cooperated to pursue the breakout group ahead.

With 10km from the sprint point on the way, the breakout group led the chasing driver by 1 minute and 10 seconds, and the main group by 1 minute and 50 seconds. The Bora-Hansgrohe and Team Jumbo-Visma teams led the way in front of the group. The POLITT in the breakout group used force before the sprint point and took the most sprint points. The main group then arrived. The Deceuninck-Quick-Step team drove a perfect sprint train for Sam BENNETT, and SAGAN followed Sam BENNETT through the sprint point on the way. So far, SAGAN's sprint points have fallen behind Sam BENNETT by 70 points and only 20 points ahead of COQUARD (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept).

After 63km from the start of the race, the chasing riders successfully joined the breakout. The six breakout riders now lead the main group by 1 minute and 55 seconds. As the longest stage of the Tour de France, the twelfth stage will not easily allow the breakout riders to win the championship.  ZAKARIN (CCC) retired when there was 125km from the finish line.

BURGAUDEAU led the breakout team through two 4th grade climbing points. The main group slowed down under the leadership of Bora-Hansgrohe and CCC teams. When 90km from the finish line, the time gap between the two groups was 2 minute.

Entering the last 50km, the lead of the breakout group dropped to 30 seconds, and the Team Sunweb team began to lead the pursuit. ASGREEN has accelerated one after another, and the breakout group with a small number of people has been pulled apart. Only ERVITI has kept up with ASGREEN's progress. The rest of the breakout drivers were taken back by the main group one after another. Sam BENNETT, EWAN, Mads PEDERSEN, VIVIANI and other drivers were left behind. SAGAN, ROGLIČ, BERNAL, and POGAČAR were protected in front of the main group by their respective teams. The competition came to the level 3 climb in the stage. 

ERVITI and ASGREEN appeared in the vision of the main group, KRAGH ANDERSEN and BENOOT (Team Sunweb) left the main group, surpassing the two exhausted breakout drivers, SOLER gritted his teeth to keep up with the two of Team Sunweb, behind them is HIRT (CCC) , SCHACHMANN (Bora-Hansgrohe) and PACHER (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept) are catching up, and more drivers are beginning to break out of the main group.

Level 3 climbing includes several sections with a slope of more than 10%, and SAGAN fell behind the main group. SOLER launched an attack before the climbing point and took the lead to pass the climbing point to the downhill section. At this time, the breakout group has been completely shuffled. SCHACHMANN, SOLER, PACHER, KRAGH ANDERSEN, BENOOT and HIRSCHI (Team Sunweb) formed a new six-person breakout The group, 37 seconds ahead of the main group into the last 36km, there is a small group of 13 people between the two groups is trying to catch up.

With 28km away from the finish line, HIRSCHI attacked alone, winning the last level 2 climbing point and an 8-second minus bonus. In the main group, DEVENYNS (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) brought ALAPHILIPPE out, and Team Jumbo-Visma took the lead. In the last 20km, HIRSCHI was 30 seconds ahead of SOLER and SCHACHMANN behind him. The Swiss teenager frustrated twice in this year's Tour de France. He only won the second and third place in the long-distance breakout. Can HIRSCHI win the championship this time?

ALAPHILIPPE attacked many times and led the team to catch up with SOLER and SCHACHMANN ahead. 9km before the finish line, ALAPHILIPPE and others were still 46 seconds behind HIRSCHI and 1 minute 6 seconds ahead of the main group where the yellow jersey was. At 5km, ALAPHILIPPE made another effort, but the rest of the drivers in the small group seemed unwilling to go forward and pursue the lead. ALAPHILIPPE's offense could only end in failure. Soon after, ROLLAND (B&B Hotels–Vital Concept) and others launched an offensive. This time ALAPHILIPPE may have encountered a mechanical failure, and only ROLLAND came forward to pursue Hirsch.

HIRSCHI took the lead and firmly secured the fruits of victory. The Swiss teenager finally realized his dream and HIRSCHI won his first Grand Tour stage championship. ROLLAND failed in pursuit and won second in the stage. The main group was late, SAGAN and VAN AVERMAET launched a sprint duel. In the end, SAGAN took the main group to cross the line, without any influence on the result of the game.

After the end of the stage, the four-color leaders remained unchanged. ROGLIČ retained the overall result to lead the yellow jersey, Sam BENNETT retained the sprint green jersey, COSNEFROY retained the climbing polka dot jersey, and BERNAL continued to wear the best young driver white jersey. HIRSCHI won the Combativity award again .

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