The fifteenth stage of the Tour de France: BERNAL crashes POGAČAR breaks Team Jumbo-Visma siege

On September 13, the 15th stage of the Tour de France ended. Team Jumbo-Visma drove a perfect mountain train to get rid of BERNAL in the final climb. POGAČAR and ROGLIČ staged a wonderful climbing sprint battle. In the end, POGAČAR was even better and won the stage championship again.

The fifteenth stage is half angels and half devil. The first 98km are almost all flat roads, and sprint riders can easily solve the sprint point on the way, but after 98km, the riders will be greeted by two consecutive grade 1 climbs and the HC grade climb at the top of the mountain.

The first grade 1 climb is 11.1km long and has an average slope of 8.1%. The maximum slope reaches 22% when approaching the top of the slope. The steepest climb of the whole stage is here. The second level 1 climb is slightly shorter, but the average gradient is also 8.9%. In these two climbs, we can see fierce fighting between the teams, even the lieutenant cannot use too much force. After all, there is a HC at the end. Grade climbing, which GC driver's lieutenant will survive the most, the more likely to win the stage.

But I can’t say too much. The last HC-class climb is 17.4km long, with an average slope of 7.1% and multiple slopes of more than 10%. Drivers who want to win the championship must have the courage to break the boat, throw away their competitors and explode themselves. The energy climbed to the Grand Colombier. Work harder today, and tomorrow is a day off.

After the start of the game, the main group attacked continuously. TRENTIN (CCC), ROLLAND (B&B Hotels–Vital Concept), COUSIN (TOTAL DIRECT ENERGIE), MOLARD (FDJ), COSNEFROY (AG2R) and others tried to break through without success, even ALAPHILIPPE (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) also tried to attack solo early in the race, but no driver could successfully escape the high-speed pursuit of the main group.

The main group moved forward swiftly, and HIGUITA (EF Education First) looked back at a bend, preparing to attack from the right. At this time JUNGELS (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) also accelerated to the front right of the group, but HIGUITA did not notice the JUNGELS in front. The front wheel was rubbed and caused a crash. The Colombian national champion obviously did not understand what happened. He fell to the ground, but fortunately he was not injured and returned to the game soon.

There is still a long way to the sprint point on the way. SAGAN and Sam BENNETT both attacked from the main group. The two sprinters seem to be competing today. Both break through without a deputy. This is really rare. The main group also quickly took back the two of them. Half an hour after the start of the race, the main group traveled 28km with a fast pace and crazy attack, but no driver successfully broke through.

After 50km of the race, the lead of the Breakout Eight rose to 1 minute and 25 seconds, with an average speed of 53.5km/h. CARAPAZ (INEOS Grenadiers) and HOFSTETTER (Israel Start-Up Nation) in the main group crashed. TRENTIN led the small group through the sprint point on the way, and the main group came later. PÖSTLBERGER (Bora-Hansgrohe) took the lead and brought out ASGREEN, MØRKØV, Sam BENNETT (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) and SAGAN. Among them, PÖSTLBERGER did not lead the sprint train. SAGAN followed the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team's sprint train and waited for the opportunity.

On the way 200 meters before the sprint point, Sam BENNETT left the train and started rushing. SAGAN followed but was blocked by MØRKØV. In the end, Sam BENNETT got 9th in the sprint point and 11th in SAGAN. The points gap rose to 45 points. SAGAN was once again defeated by the Deceuninck-Quick-Step team's sprint tactics. Sam BENNETT and MØRKØV repeatedly defeated SAGAN at the sprint points on the way. Isn't the wolf pack tactics infamous.

In the final 99km of the race, Team Jumbo-Visma and INEOS Grenadiers led the ride in front of the main group. The pace slowed down and the lead of the breakout group rose to 4 minutes. Entering the first level 1 climb in the race, under the leadership of Tony MARTIN, the ALAPHILIPPE, COSNEFROY, BUCHMANN, EWAN, Sam BENNETT, SAGAN and other riders in the main group fell behind. At this time, the breakout group began to accelerate. GESCHKE, ROLLAND and HERRADA cooperated to attack the slope, GOGL pursued it alone, TRENTIN and others left behind. The maximum slope of the track reached 22%, and the climb was very difficult. Team Jumbo-Visma continued to lead the ride, and many INEOS Grenadiers drivers were left behind.

GOGL caught up with the three people in front of 350 meters before the climbing point. ROLLAND took the lead in launching the climbing sprint, but was quickly overtaken by HERRADA. HERRADA successfully won the first level 1 climbing point. At this time, POGAČAR’s teammate, POLANC (UAE TEAM EMIRATES), who is also a Slovenian, came to the front of the main group to lead the ride. Interestingly, POLANC’s father was once the coach of POGAČAR during training in Slovenia. The Slovenians will rule the future road bikes games ?

Continuous climbing consumes the physical strength of the riders, and BERNAL appears behind the main group. With 50km from the finish line, GOGL used its excellent downhill ability to get rid of GESCHKE, ROLLAND and HERRADA for 50 seconds, leading the main group by 3 minutes and 20 seconds, and the race is about to enter the second level 1 climb.

ROLLAND caught up with GOGL in the second level 1 climb, and the two climbed together. At this time, PILOT was left behind in the main group and Team Jumbo-Visma continued to lead the ride. ROLLAND successfully won level 1 climbing point, and the sprint points ranking rose to fourth, 10 points behind COSNEFROY. In the last 40km, ROLLAND led the main group by 1 minute and 39 seconds and entered the final long downhill. The main group was chasing at high speed under the leadership of VAN AERT and GESINK (Team Jumbo-Visma).

In the last 20km, only ROLLAND and GOGL were left for the breakout drivers, leading the main group by 2 minutes. The final HC grade climb was 17.4km, and it was only a matter of time before the breakout drivers were recovered.

GESINK finished today's work before the start of the climb. Team Jumbo-Visma has five people left. The VAN AERT leader group enters the final HC level climb. Behind them are the Bahrain McLaren team and the UAE TEAM EMIRATES team, BARGUIL ( Team Arkea Samsic) and others are left behind. In the last 15km, ROLLAND dumped GOGL and started solo flight, leading the main group by 1 minute and 10 seconds.

BERNAL falls behind, the British team has gone?

In the last 13.6km, GOGL was taken back by the main group, and ROLLAND's lead quickly dropped to 30 seconds. Soon after, BERNAL and QUINTANA both fell behind, and KWIATKOWSKI and CASTROVIEJO retreated to the rear to lead BERNAL. The Team Jumbo-Visma team did nothing, and VAN AERT began to vigorously shake the car to accelerate, and soon recovered ROLLAND, and opened the gap with BERNAL and others.

The main group is reduced to 23 people. The main GC drivers include ROGLIČ, DUMOULIN (Team Jumbo-Visma), LANDA (Bahrain McLaren), URáN (EF Education First), VALVERDE (Movistar Team), PORTE (Trek-Segafredo), LóPEZ (Astana) Pro Team), POGAČAR (UAE TEAM EMIRATES) and YATES (MITCHELTON-Scott). In the last 11km, BERNAL had been behind the main group by 55 seconds. BARGUIL, who had fallen behind, caught up with BERNAL and others, and took away QUINTANA, who had spare capacity, to catch up with the main group.

Do not move until the end, or wait for the final blow?

In the last 8.8km, VAN AERT finally completed the task, and George BENNETT (Team Jumbo-Visma) came to the lead position. The Team Jumbo-Visma team maintained a very steady rhythm. At this time, no drivers had launched an attack. VAN AERT's performance in this year's Tour de France is remarkable, sprinting can win the stage, climbing can lead the team to get rid of a group of climbers, for the Team Jumbo-Visma team to rush into the battle, and made great achievements.

The main group was reduced to 15 people. YATES attacked in the last 7km. The British became the first GC driver to attack in the HC-class climb. YATES' attack consumed George Bennett, and DUMOULIN came to the front to lead the pursuit. In the last 6km, YATES was recovered by the GC Group. Team Jumbo-Visma had three more. In the last 3km, BERNAL and others have been behind for more than 4 minutes.

DUMOULIN led the ride into the final 800m, Team Jumbo-Visma drove a perfect mountain train today. In the last 600 meters, ROGLIČ personally attacked, POGAČAR followed up, and KUSS quickly stepped forward to lead the main general for a short time, and the GC group was torn apart.
PORTE led the opponent into the final 200 meters, and then ROGLIČ and POGAČAR attacked at the same time. The two Slovenians surpassed PORTE and started the final climbing sprint duel.

POGAČAR's sprint was even more rapid. Leaving behind ROGLIČ, the 21-year-old Slovenian teenager sprinted forward and won his second stage championship in this year's Tour de France in one fell swoop. ROGLIČ was second in the stage and PORTE was third. BERNAL was 7 minutes and 20 seconds behind to cross the line, and the overall result was in jeopardy.

After the stage, the four-color jersey remained unchanged. ROGLIČ kept the yellow jersey, 40 seconds ahead of POGAČAR; Sam BENNETT wore a sprint green jersey, leading SAGAN by 45 points; COSNEFROY defended the climbing polka dot shirt, leading POGAČAR by 2 points; POGAČAR continued to wear the best young driver white jersey, leading MAS (Movistar Team) 2 minutes and 35 seconds. The Movistar Team team returned to the position of the best team, and ROLLAND won the stage Combativity award.

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