The eighteenth stage of the Tour de France: INEOS Grenadiers and Kwiatkowski win the championship

On September 17, the eighteenth stage of the Tour de France ended. KWIATKOWSKI and CARAPAZ (INEOS Grenadiers) broke through to the end. The INEOS Grenadiers team joined hands to cross the line. KWIATKOWSKI won the stage championship and CARAPAZ won the climbing polka dot shirt.

As the last mountain stage, the eighteenth stage vowed to abuse the drivers. The stage has a total climb of more than 4000m. Two level 1 climbs and one HC level climb with bonus time are the highlight of the competition. The sprint point is very humanely set at a position 14km after the start, and then the altitude of the track increases sharply. The first level 1 climb is 18.6km long, with an average slope of 6.1%, which is not steep but boring. The next climb The difficulty gradually increases, and the final battle will take place at Montée du plateau des Glières.

After going through the previous climb, the last HC grade climb is 6km long, with an average gradient of 11.2%, and the steepest 15%. This will be a climb like a wall. If GC riders can succeed here, they will It is very possible to expand the lead or turn defeat into victory.

At the beginning of the race, the horn of battle was sounded and 32 drivers formed a group to break through, including Sam BENNETT, SAGAN and TRENTIN. The sprint point was set up at 14km after the start of the race. The competition within the breakout group was very fierce. At the sprint point on the way, Sam BENNETT attacked decisively and successfully won the first sprint point. SAGAN lost to TRENTIN and finished third. So far, Sam BENNETT's sprint points have reached 298 points, 52 points ahead of SAGAN.

SAGAN and Sam BENNETT completed the task, and soon fell out of the breakout group. The next field belongs to the breakout driver and the main group. ALAPHILIPPE attacked from the main group, the French can bring wonderful but not lasting offense every day, and was quickly taken back by the main group. The breakout group continued to pull, many drivers left behind, and the final number stabilized at 19, CARAPAZ, KWIATKOWSKI (INEOS Grenadiers), Nans PETERS (AG2R), JUNGELS (Deceuninck-Quick-Step), BILBAO, CARUSO (Bahrain McLaren), SáNCHEZ ( Astana Pro Team), DE GENDT (Lotto Soudal), HIRSCHI and ROCHE (Team Sunweb) are listed. GREIPEL (Israel Start-Up Nation) retired. This is the seventh time he has retired in 18 major tournaments.

HIRSCHI and CARAPAZ in the breakout group attacked before the first level 1 climbing point. HIRSCHI successfully grabbed 10 points of the first place, sprinting points reached 41 points, and the ranking rose to fourth. CARAPAZ temporarily ranked first with a difference of 1 point. Fives. HIRSCHI and CARAPAZ took the lead to enter the downhill section, and when they were 120km from the end, they led the breakout group by 20 seconds and the main group by 3 minutes.

Coming to level 3 climbing, KWIATKOWSKI, BILBAO, EDET caught up with HIRSCH and CARAPAZ, and the five teamed up to attack the slope. HIRSCHI's firepower is fully on, and another 3 level climbing point is won. After a short downhill, the leading five people began to climb the second level of the race. At 95km from the end point, the five people led the rear breakout group by 1 minute, and the Team Jumbo-Visma team leader group was behind by about 4 minutes and 40 seconds. ALAPHILIPPE and CAVAGNA (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) are left behind, more than 1 minute behind the main group.

EDET fell out of the leading group while climbing, and CARAPAZ attacked decisively. Hirsch once again bit the wheel of CARAPAZ, surpassed at the last minute, and won first place in the second grade. With 80km away from the end, Hirsch, CARAPAZ, KWIATKOWSKI and BILBAO went downhill at high speeds. Hirsch slipped and crashed in a corner and fell out of the leading group for more than 20 seconds. HIRSCHI said in a pre-match interview: "I will work hard to join the breakout group. This may be the last breakout opportunity. As long as I join the breakout group, I will use the downhill to widen the gap. I mean, when you break through When you are in the group, you will use all your advantages to widen the time gap. My choice is to make good use of the downhill section."

HIRSCHI chased it alone, and when it was 4km away from the next level 1 climbing point, HIRSCHI was still 25 seconds behind CARAPAZ and others and 7 minutes ahead of the main group. Without HIRSCHI's blocking, CARAPAZ finally succeeded in winning the level 1 climbing point, and the climbing points achieved overtake. At this point, CARAPAZ reached the third place in the climbing standings with 54 points, 2 points ahead of HIRSCHI. The main group was reduced to about 60 people, and Team Jumbo-Visma continued to lead the ride.

Coming to the HC-class climb, there is still 35km from the end point, POELS sent an assist for LANDA to escape from the main group. CARAPAZ and KWIATKOWSKI joined forces to attack the slope. Under the leader of Team Jumbo-Visma, the main group let go of LANDA, who flew solo. URáN, BARGUIL, VALVERDE, Adam YATES and others began to fall behind.

At this time, only VAN AERT, KUSS, DUMOULIN, ROGLIČ (Team Jumbo-Visma), MAS (Movistar Team), Richie PORTE (Trek-Segafredo), POGAČAR (UAE TEAM EMIRATES) and LóPEZ (Astana Pro Team) are left in the main group. Eight people, LANDA soon took over the CARUSO who broke through earlier. CARAPAZ and KWIATKOWSKI passed the HC grade climbing point successively, and CARAPAZ scored 20 points. He will wear a climbing polka dot shirt after the game.

Wearing a substitute white shirt, MAS launched a wave of attacks, and the main group's rhythm accelerated. Just when LANDA was about to reach the climbing point, POGAČAR led the team to take back LANDA and CARUSO, rushing to pass the climbing point before the GC drivers, and the race entered the dusty white soil section. Richie PORTE punctured the tire and left behind. ROGLIČ personally stepped forward to lead the acceleration. After the dirt road was over, the GC group was left with only five people: ROGLIČ, POGAČAR, MAS, LóPEZ and LANDA.

In the last 19km, the INEOS Grenadiers team led the GC Group by 4 minutes and 57 seconds. KUSS chased ROGLIČ. The GC drivers seemed unwilling to chase the two INEOS Grenadiers ahead. Only MAS was constantly trying to accelerate the pursuit. BILBAO, which fell out of the breakout group, was overtaken by the GC group, realizing an aerial refueling tactic for LANDA. At 10km, Richie PORTE, DUMOULIN, and CARUSO caught up with ROGLIČ and others. Hirsch, who crashed before, was recovered. With the hard work of the three of the Bahrain McLaren team, CARAPAZ's lead continued to decline.

In the last 4km, VAN AERT returned to the main group, ROGLIČ had as many as three lieutenants, and the Bahrain McLaren team was still leading the ride. CARAPAZ and KWIATKOWSKI used Froome's prone position, and the two quickly went downhill. What were they still talking about? The victory has been locked in advance. Who will be the winner of the final stage?

Before the INEOS Grenadiers team came to the finish line easily, the two began to celebrate the victory of the team. CARAPAZ and KWIATKOWSKI have the mentality of resignation and cross the finish line side by side. It doesn't seem to matter who wins the championship. The final stage champion belongs to KWIATKOWSKI. KWIATKOWSKI, who has dedicated himself to his teammates for many years, finally won his first Tour de France at the age of 30. The INEOS Grenadiers team won the stage champion and runner-up as well as the climbing polka dot shirt. GC Group came later, VAN AERT launched a sprint to win the third stage, ROGLIČ, POGAČAR and others gave up the sprint, and all the drivers passed the line one after another.

At the end of the stage, ROGLIČ had a yellow jersey, 57 seconds ahead of POGAČAR; Sam BENNETT continued to wear a sprint green shirt, 52 points ahead of SAGAN; CARAPAZ became the new owner of the climbing polka dot shirt, 2 points ahead of POGAČAR; POGAČAR held the best young The driver's white shirt leads MAS by 3 minutes and 22 seconds. HIRSCHI won the Combativity award again.

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