Surprises , accidents occur frequently, review of the top ten events of the Tour de France in 2020

The 2020 Tour de France has ended for many days. There are surprises and surprises in this year's race. Today we will review these 21 stages and set the top ten events of the Tour de France.


1. Violent rain riding, multiple crashes in the first stage, a neutral game

In the first stage of the Tour de France, the main group was caught off guard by a heavy rain. Many drivers crashed in the rain. Among them, there were many big-name drivers such as PILOT, LóPEZ, NIZZOLO and EWAN. The race was once into a neutral state organized spontaneously by the drivers.

Rain riding is not terrible, the terrible thing is the slippery ground after rain. In the first stage, there are climbing and winding downhills. Once the car crashes, it will have a big impact on the next 20 days of competition. Therefore, in order to protect the safety of the main general, the teams finally chose a safe forward strategy. Despite this, the main group fell again at the 3km arch. For PILOT, the crash in the first stage had a great impact, which led to his poor performance in the next race. A heavy rain fell the Frenchman's dream of a championship.

2. ALAPHILIPPE wore yellow for three days and failed to win the championship after repeated attacks.

In the second stage of the Tour de France, ALAPHILIPPE successfully ignited the fighting spirit of the French. The attack before the finish line was enthusiastic, and the French driver finally put on the yellow jersey in the Tour de France.

Everyone knows the next story. After only wearing the yellow jersey for three days, ALAPHILIPPE was fined for illegal supply in the fifth stage. The British took over the yellow jersey again, but this time it was Adam YATES. I thought that the French could once again compete in the yellow jerseys, and ALAPHILIPPE did indeed do so. In the next game, ALAPHILIPPE brought countless wonderful offenses. After the initial offense, it was only recovered by the main group. Later, ALAPHILIPPE's offense simply exploded himself. Repeated attacks and defeats made the French dream broken again.

3. Fifteen days polka dot shirt, COSNEFROY's happy tour

Let’s talk about another Frenchman, COSNEFROY of the AG2R team. He successfully broke through in the second stage, and at the same time received the climbing polka dot shirt and the stage Combativity award, and wore the polka dot shirt to the 16th stage.

COSNEFROY did a good job in the early stage of the Tour de France. He repeatedly broke through and scored a lot of climbing points by attacking at the climbing point. However, as the competition became more and more fierce, COSNEFROY did not score a point in many days, and the GC battle squeezed all the climbing points one by one. In the end, POGAČAR won the polka dot shirt in the seventeenth stage. However, for COSNEFROY, it was quite successful to wear so many days of polka dot shirt for the first time in the Tour de France.

4. SAGAN's glory is gone, Sam BENNETT succeeds in taking the position

In previous years, SAGAN was able to stay green after wearing a sprint green shirt, but this year, 30-year-old SAGAN met 29-year-old Sam BENNETT, and the situation has changed drastically. SAGAN only wore his own green shirt in five stages of the Tour de France. From the tenth stage, Sam BENNETT took the green shirt all the way to the Champs Elysées in Paris.

SAGAN's status continued to drop, and there was not enough rush support. On the way, the sprint point was frequently defeated by the fast-trotting team, and sometimes even lost to TRENTIN, which was halfway through. In the sprint battle of the eleventh stage, SAGAN was cancelled due to a collision with VAN AERT, and no sprint points were collected. After this day, SAGAN basically missed the green shirt. In contrast, Sam BENNETT can be said to be getting more and more courageous. The two stage champions and the sprint king green shirt are the best proof. He will do a lot in the future.

5. Two people, three wins, Team Sunweb knows bicycle best

Before the start of the Tour de France, no one would have thought that Team Sunweb's lineup could win three stage titles this year. HIRSCHI has repeatedly staged long-distance breakouts. Just when everyone thought that the second and third stage were his limits, HIRSCHI flew solo again and won the championship in the twelfth stage, and finally won the Super Combativity award, the Dream Tour. In the fourteenth and nineteenth stages, Team Sunweb's excellent tactical arrangements allowed ANDERSEN to attack from the violent GC group, bringing surprises to all fans. In the future, who would dare to say that Team Sunweb does not understand bicycles.

6. Only through hard work can you win, attack, fly solo and win the championship!

Sometimes a long game can make people drowsy. If a driver brings a wonderful offense, then this game is worth watching. In addition to the HIRSCHI mentioned above, there are also LUTSENKO, MARTíNEZ, KÄMNA, LóPEZ that brought us surprises in this year's Tour de France.

In the sixth stage, LUTSENKO broke through to the end, staged a solo miracle at the end of the game and successfully won the championship. On the thirteenth stage, Martínez chased after me with KÄMNA and SCHACHMANN of Bora-Hansgrohe team before the finish line, and finally won by surprise at the last minute. In the 16th stage, KÄMNA launched a charge in the final level 1 climb, flying 20km solo to win his first victory in the Tour de France. On the seventeenth stage, the Superman LóPEZ performed well and successfully climbed to the highest peak of this year's Tour de France. It is with their efforts that made this Tour de France a bit more exciting.

7. BERNAL crashed, the defending champion withdrew from the Tour de France

The INEOS Grenadiers team had high hopes for BERNAL this year, but BERNAL's performance was rather unsatisfactory. In the fifteenth stage, we will no longer see the former mountain train of the INEOS Grenadiers team, replaced by the yellow and black Team Jumbo-Visma train. Under constant pull, BERNAL's status dropped and collapsed, and finally chose to retire in the seventeenth stage.

Even before he retired, BERNAL's condition was already very problematic. He once claimed to the media that he was "depressed on all sides" and that his back was painful all day, and the pain was gradually increasing; in addition, he was doing the last climb. , His knee is also sore, which shows that BERNAL's condition is really bad. I can only hope that the Colombian teenager will recover and return to the game in his best condition as soon as possible.

8. INEOS Grenadiers tactical adjustments, the two heroes win the respect

After BERNAL retired, the tactics of the INEOS Grenadiers team have undergone a lot of adjustments. We can see that the INEOS Grenadiers team that rarely participated in the breakout sent CARAPAZ. This former Giro d’Italia champion did not disappoint, and won the Combativity award in the 16th stage. .
After not needing to serve the master, the drivers of the INEOS Grenadiers team can finally let go of their hands and feet. KWIATKOWSKI, a driver who has been with the team for many years, joined hands with CARAPAZ in the 18th stage to attack, and the two cooperated in the end to cross the line together. In the end, KWIATKOWSKI finally won the Tour de France in the first year, and CARAPAZ also successfully won the climbing polka dot shirt. The friendship between the two men before the finish line was moving.

9. The strongest lineup, Team Jumbo-Visma dominates the tournament

Team Jumbo-Visma has a very luxurious lineup, with VAN AERT capable of rushing and climbing, DUMOULIN with excellent timing ability, and KUSS with hard work and ability. All of these are for one goal-to make ROGLIČ win the championship.

VAN AERT performed amazingly. In addition to winning the championship in the fifth and seventh stages, he also acted as a locomotive in the high mountain stage. He even led the team to overturn a group of hill climbers in the HC-level climbing stage on the fifteenth stage. It is hard to imagine what the result would be if VAN AERT was allowed to play freely. DUMOULIN, a former Giro d'Italian champion and a good time player, was also responsible for leading ROGLIČ in the mountain stage. There was no complaint, but it was a pity that he lost to POGAČAR in his best personal time trial.

Before the twentieth stage, Team Jumbo-Visma's tactics looked perfect. ROGLIČ played steadily and made almost no mistakes. Most people thought he would win the championship, just like Froome before. . However, it was the strategy of seeking stability that made ROGLIČ carelessly underestimate the enemy and allowed POGAČAR, who is also a Slovenian, to personally end his dream of championship.

10. POGAČAR shocking counterattack, the future is unlimited

If POGAČAR, who had just passed his 22nd birthday, was asked to review this Tour de France, he would probably be surprised by his fighting spirit. As early as the fifteenth stage, POGAČAR singled out Team Jumbo-Visma and beat ROGLIČ at the last minute to win the stage.

POGAČAR showed great strength in this Tour de France. In every climb, even if there are no lieutenants around, POGAČAR can keep up with the high-speed train of Team Jumbo-Visma and launch an attack at the right moment. Of course, these are all hindsight. On the field, the difference between the driver's thoughts, whether attacking or not attacking will often affect the final result. POGAČAR is just the most energetic and fighting spirit of the GC driver.
Back on the twentieth stage, Team Jumbo-Visma performed well. Van AERT and DUMOULIN climbed to the top one after another until POGAČAR came on the field. Everything changed. In the first 14km of the flat road, POGAČAR was 13 seconds faster than ROGLIČ. At the second timing, POGAČAR was 1 second behind DUMOULIN, and at the third timing, POGAČAR was ahead of DUMOULIN by 48 seconds. Everyone was shocked. . On the hill-climbing section, POGAČAR has obviously drilled in advance, and the smooth process of changing cars does not lose a little time. In contrast, ROGLIČ has been messed up when changing cars. In the end, POGAČAR led DUMOULIN by 1 minute and 21 seconds. While winning the stage championship, it also included the climbing king polka dot shirt and the overall results leader yellow jersey. Team Jumbo-Visma lost a lot of time.

Everyone knows the final result. POGAČAR won three wins and three jerseys in this Tour de France. In front of the Arc de Triomphe, he wore a yellow jersey, a polka dot jersey for the climbing king and a white jersey for the best young driver. The future is promising.

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