2020 Best Professional Riders


Overall Winner

Primož Roglič

It may be controversial to say that Roglič is the best overall driver of 2020-after all, he is not the 2020 Tour de France champion-but he was only one step away from the championship at the time, in the penultimate stage of the individual time trial. It was unexpectedly lost to Tadej Pogačar and handed over the yellow jersey.

But Roglič's overall outstanding performance in the 2020 season makes him absolutely worthy of the title of best overall driver. Continuing to win the Tour of West championship, Liege-Bastogne-Liège champion, UCI annual points first, 2020 bicycle "Golden Globe" (Vélo d'Or) best rider, Roglič proved that he is not only a "can climb" Poe’s time racer", but multiple all-rounders.


Hill climber

Tadej Pogačar

Putting Pogačar here may also be controversial, but Pogačar has been very eye-catching in the climbing stages of many different events in the 2020 season-of which the Tour de France is the most prominent.

Same as the aforementioned Primož Roglič, a Slovenian, Pogačar's performance in the 2020 season is also close to full marks-at the same time he won the Tour de France championship yellow jersey, climbing king polka dot jersey and best young driver white jersey. Pogačar in the season The state in has reached its peak.


Sprint Rider

Arnaud Démare

Arnaud Démare, a French sprint driver who has been favored by the French media for many years, if he always pulls his hips in the past few years or is suppressed by other sprinters, he will finally be proud in the 2020 season-with 14 professional wins , Démare became the driver with the most wins in the 2020 season.

Four of Démare's 14 victories in the 2020 season occurred in Giro. In the 2020 Giro d'Italia, Démare is undisputedly dominant. He finally defeated Peter Sagan, the king of green shirts for many years, and won the first green shirt in sprint points.

In addition, in the Tour of Wallonia, Démare defeated Sam Bennett and Caleb Ewan to win two stages and won the final championship.


Classical Rider

Mathieu van der Poel

The superstar Mathieu van der Poel from the Netherlands has already proved how dominant he is on the cobblestone road. In the 2020 season, Mathieu van der Poel won the BinckBank Tour and the Tour of Flanders championship.

Because he is still young and not experienced enough, Mathieu van der Poel did carelessly lose Jingzhou. Due to tactical errors, he missed several important victories in the 2020 season-for example, at the Gent-Wevelgem because he fell in love with his old rival Wout Van Aert. Staring at each other too closely, the snipe and clam struggle finally let the Mads Petersen fisherman win the victory.

But this does not affect Mathieu van der Poel's title of best classic racer in 2020. Mathieu van der Poel also proved that he is a more versatile driver-for example, he sprinted from the breakout group to win in the Double Seas.


Breakout driver

Marc Hirschi

In an unusual season, Hirschi, a young Swiss driver born in 1998, proved his talent and potential. In the second stage of the 2020 Tour de France, Hirschi was second only to Alaphilippe. This was the first time he entered everyone’s field of vision and gained attention. Then in the twelfth stage, he won from Roglič and Pogačar. After stalking each other, he broke through, and won the championship of the stage after flying solo for 25 kilometers-also his personal first Tour de France victory, and he has become famous since.

Then Hirschi was in full swing: the Flèche Wallonne championship, the Liege-Bastogne-Liege runner-up, and the bronze medal at the World Championships.


Personal time racer

Filippo Ganna

Ganna's performance in the field of personal time trials in the 2020 season is dominant-in every personal time trial that she has participated in, Ganna is the champion!

The only accident was when Vuelta a San Juan lost to Remco Evenepoel in the same state of explosion on the third stage at the beginning of the season and won the runner-up. But in the subsequent Double Seas, World Championships, and the individual time stages of the Giro d'Italia, no one can beat Ganna to win the championship.


Auxiliary driver

Sepp Kuss

Sepp Kuss's outstanding performance in multiple climbing stages in the 2020 season has proved to the world that he is undoubtedly a first-class climber, but because he was arranged to assist the team's main player Roglič, he rarely had the opportunity to let go of performance. .

However, Sepp Kuss also expressed in an interview with the media that he was also satisfied with the auxiliary role arrangement, because he felt that he could not bear the huge pressure of being the main player in the Grand Tour.

And he did get a chance to express himself in the 2020 Tour of Dofiny-after Roglič retired, Sepp Kuss won the final fifth stage.



Wout van Aert

Whether it is on cobblestone roads, large group sprints, undulating roads, hill climbing, or individual time trials, starting from the white road race at the beginning of the season, Milan San Remo start to exert force, the climbing of the Tour de Dofini to win, the Tour de France The group sprinted to victory, and even assisted the team leader Roglič. Wout van Aert has proved to the world how versatile he is with his actual results in the 2020 season.

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