2021 Tour de France S18: reappeared yesterday, ruthless Pogacar won the stage and wore three jerseys

On July 15, the eighteenth stage of the Tour de France ended. Tadej Pogacar (UAE Team Emirates), Jonas Vingegaard (Jumbo–Visma), Richard Carapaz (Ineos Grenadiers) and Enric Mas (Movistar) fought fiercely on the final difficult climb. In the end, Tadej Pogacar broke out again and won the championship. , While retaining the overall yellow jersey and the best young cyclist white jersey, he also included the climbing polka dot jersey.


This tournament is the last mountain stage of the Tour de France this year, and several climbs are still located in the Pyrenees. The final time for the total score cyclists has arrived. Of course, this is also the last chance for the climbers who are eager to win the stage. The eighteenth stage is only 129.7km in length, with a total of two grade 4 slopes (2.6km, 5.6%; 2km, 7%), and two HC grades (17.1km, 7.3%; 13.3km) including the end point. , 7.4%) and a sprint point on the way.


As the shortest stage of the Tour de France, after seeing the route settings, it seemed to hear the organizing committee saying to the cyclists: "Stop talking about the gossip, get on the car and speak with strength." Just like training, it shortens the distance of "garbage mileage" and directly enters the topic. Therefore, the pace of the whole race will be very fast, and the last two climbs may determine the final championship.





144 cyclists started today's race. After the neutral ride, Matej Mohoric (Bahrain Victorious), Christopher Juul Jensen (BikeExchange) and Sean Bennett (Qhubeka Assos) immediately broke through and got rid of the turbulent main group behind them. Wout Poels (Bahrain Victorious) and Nairo Quintana (Arkea-Samsic) failed to attack, but they still did not give up and are still looking for a breakthrough opportunity. At the start of the game 7km, the breakout trio only established a 1-minute lead.


Julian Alaphilippe aggressively attacked, flew away from the main group, and pursued the three in front alone. Christopher Juul Jensen took the lead to pass the first level 4 climbing point that is not difficult. Pierre-Luc Périchon (Cofidis) then left the main group and caught up with Julian Alaphilippe ahead. The two began to cooperate in pursuit of Matej Mohoric and Christopher Juul Jensen. And Sean Bennett. 23km after the start of the race, the three of them broke through and chased them for 25 seconds. The main group was less than 1 minute behind, and a large number of cyclists were still trying to break through.





In such a relatively short stage, the pace of the race was fast, and when the finish line was 97km away, Julian Alaphilippe and Pierre-Luc Périchon caught up with Matej Mohoric, Christopher Juul Jensen and Sean Bennett. The five established a relatively stable lead. Bahrain Victorious and Deceuninck-QuickStep team leader group trailed by 1 minute and 30 seconds. In the first hour of the race, the average speed of the breakout group reached 45.3km/h. At this time, the battle had not yet started, and all the teams were standing still.


Julian Alaphilippe was full of fighting spirit and was the first to pass the second 4th grade point. In the main group, the BikeExchange team took over the lead position. They had to take Michael Matthews to compete for points for the sprint point on the way. Christopher Juul Jensen withdrew from the breakout and soon returned to the main group to help his sprint leader. At 70km from the finish line, the lead of the breakout four dropped to 1 minute and 12 seconds, and the game entered a long, gentle uphill climb before the high mountain climb.




The breakout group, led by Julian Alaphilippe, passed the sprint point in harmony. The main group arrived later. The Deceuninck-QuickStep team led Mark Cavendish to initiate the sprint. Michael Matthews and Sonny Colbrelli failed to bite the cyclist ahead. Mark Cavendish successfully scored the fifth point in the sprint point. His rusher Michael Mørkøv finished sixth and Michael Matthews seventh. The sprinters have completed today's task here, and they only need to finish the race safely.


After the sprint point on the way, the Trek-Segafredo team launched an attack and left for a short time with the small group, but was quickly recovered by the main group. The UAE Team Emirates team then came to the lead control field in front of the group. Christopher Juul Jensen and Pierre Rolland broke through again, while Pierre-Luc Périchon and Sean Bennett fell behind from the breakout group. In the last 55km, Julian Alaphilippe and Matej Mohoric insisted on breaking through and chasing the cyclist behind them by 40 seconds. The UAE Team Emirates team leader group was 1 minute and 10 seconds behind.


▲The first HC-class climb, will the battle begin here?



Coming to the first HC-level climb, the pursuit group changed. Valentin Madouas (FDJ), Kenny Elissonde (Trek–Segafredo), Pierre Latour (Total Direct Energie) and Pierre Rolland were active. Four French cyclists lag behind the breakout group. Nearly 1 minute. In the main group, Miguel Angel Lopez (Movistar) speeded out and brought a wave of offensive rhythm. The Ineos Grenadiers team came to the lead position, and Mark Cavendish was left behind under the protection of three teammates.


Less than 6km away from the climbing point, Julian Alaphilippe and Matej Mohoric were used by Valentin Madouas, David Gaudu, Kenny Elissonde, Pierre Latour, Pierre Rolland, Ion Izagirre Insausti, Omar Fraile Matarranza (Astana-Premier Tech) and Ruben Guerreiro (EF Education-Nippo). ) To catch up, the main group is only about half a minute behind. Not long after, Julian Alaphilippe, David Gaudu, Pierre Latour and Ruben Guerreiro speeded out again, and came to a strong screening of the breakout group. The main group maintained a stable riding rhythm under the lead of the Ineos Grenadiers team.



After a long time breakout and consumption, Julian Alaphilippe fell out of the leading group, leaving only David Gaudu, Pierre Latour and Ruben Guerreiro to break through. In the main group, Geraint Thomas, Miguel Angel Lopez and Rigoberto Urán were left behind, the Ineos Grenadiers team recovered Julian Alaphilippe, and the group’s Michael Woods, Nairo Quintana and Wout Poels in polka dot jerseys appeared in the front waiting for the opportunity to attack.


Michael Woods suddenly accelerated to escape during the climb, Wout Poels quickly followed up, and the two quickly caught up with the cyclist who was left behind, testing each other's stamina. Pierre Latour and David Gaudu maintained the leading position. They passed the HC grade climbing point successively. Ruben Guerreiro was third. Wout Poels smashed Michael Woods and accelerated wildly, rushing to the fourth climbing point, further expanding his climbing points. Leading advantage. Michael Woods failed defensively and got sixth in climb points, Wout Van Aert seventh, and Jonas Vingegaard eighth. The race then entered a winding downhill section. David Gaudu dumped Pierre Latour and started solo mode.


With 20km away from the finish line, David Gaudu was still flying solo downhill. The main group chased the rest of the breakout cyclists under the lead of the Ineos Grenadiers team. The time gap came to 45 seconds.


David Gaudu took the lead in the final HC-level climb. The main group quickly narrowed the time gap and recovered David Gaudu in the last 9.5km. Michael Woods, Nairo Quintana, Wout Poels and others were left behind, and the GC battle was about to begin. Michał Kwiatkowski struggled to lead the ride. The Ineos Grenadiers mountain train still maintained a steady rhythm. Only Rafał Majka was left in front of Tadej Pogacar, followed by Wout Van Aert and Jonas Vingegaard. Wout Poels, who fell behind, worked hard in the rear. Narrowing the time gap.




In the last 5.5km, Rafał Majka accelerated to break the mountain train formation of the Ineos Grenadiers team and brought Tadej Pogacar to the leading position of the group. Jonathan Castroviejo Nicolas followed Richard Carapaz behind Tadej Pogacar, Wout Van Aert fell behind, and Jonas Vingegaard was left with Sepp. Kuss is a teammate.


In the last 3.3km, Rafał Majka completed the task, and Tadej Pogacar immediately attacked, instantly igniting the GC war. Richard Carapaz personally pursued it. Only Tadej Pogacar, Richard Carapaz, Jonas Vingegaard, Sepp Kuss and Enric Mas were left in the leading group. For a while, the GC cyclists began to wait for the next wave of offensive opportunities. Sepp Kuss then came to the front of the group to lead the battle to cool down the battle, so that his main general Jonas Vingegaard could save his energy to deal with the final climb decisive battle.


In the last 1km, Enric Mas accelerated the attack, Sepp Kuss was left behind, and the GC cyclist began to fight personally. At the last 710m, Enric Mas attacked again. This time Tadej Pogacar broke out and surpassed Enric Mas to enter the final 500m with absolute strength. With full firepower, he launched a final sprint towards the end of the mountain. Tadej Pogacar is unbeatable, far away from the opponent, riding a great ride, and enjoying another stage championship exclusively. Jonas Vingegaard and Richard Carapaz crossed the line two seconds behind. Enric Mas finished fourth in the stage and Daniel Martin fifth. Mark Cavendish, surrounded by four teammates, finished the game safely more than half an hour behind.

After the stage, Tadej Pogacar once again crushed his opponents, dominating the overall yellow jersey, climbing polka dot jersey and the best young cyclist white jersey. Mark Cavendish retains the sprint green jersey, and David Gaudu won the stage Combativity award.

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