2021 Tour de France S2: Respect grandfather with a yellow jersey! Mathieu van der Poel's aggressive offense wins the stage

On June 27th, the second stage of the Tour de France ended. Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecin-Fenix) continued to attack, grabbed the time-reduction reward and then kept up. In the last 800m, he bravely flew solo and won the stage championship. The total score climbed to the top of the list and successfully put on the lead yellow jersey. The long-cherished wish of his grandfather.


Compared with the first stage, the difficulty of this stage is lower, the ups and downs are mainly concentrated in the second half, and the climbing distance and slope are slightly smaller than the former. However, since this stage is closer to the sea, the sea breeze may be an unknown factor. In addition, it is worth noting that there is a 3km uphill slope before the end point, and the total score cyclist with strong sprint ability will have the opportunity to defeat the traditional sprinter in the melee.


After experiencing yesterday’s crash, Jasha Sütterlin (DSM), Cyril Lemoine (B&B Hotels p/b KTM), Ignatas Konovalovas (FDJ) and Marc Soler (Movistar Team) retired. Christopher Froome (Israel Start) -Up Nation) There is nothing serious yet, and we continue to stand on the starting line of this stage. However, it is still very difficult for a cyclist who loses time to make up for the loss in the first stage.









At the end of the neutral ride, many cyclists immediately tried to break through. Miguel Angel Lopez (Movistar Team) had a puncture. At this time, his total score was 1 minute 59 seconds behind Julian Alaphilippe. After a breakout of about 10km, Edward Theuns (Trek–Segafredo), Anthony Perez (Cofidis), Simon Clarke (Qhubeka Assos) and Jonas Koch (Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Matériaux) successfully established a weak lead and then Ide Schelling (Bora-Hansgrohe) in a polka-dot jersey also wants to break out of the encirclement, intending to compete for more climbing points.


Seeing that Ide Schelling had the possibility of escape, the main group immediately speeded up to catch up. Ide Schelling was chased after running away several times, but he did not give up and eventually caught up with the four people in front of him with Jérémy Cabot (Total Direct Energie). This time, the main group slowed down the pace of pursuit, and the time gap between the two groups continued to rise. After the start of the race 30km, the lead of the breakout six players reached 3 minutes and 45 seconds. The main group was very happy, and the Deceuninck-QuickStep team took the lead with a relatively conservative forward strategy.


The breakout group rode 45.8km in the first hour of the race. Tim Declercq (Deceuninck-QuickStep) diligently took on most of the leading tasks. The Ineos Grenadiers team followed closely behind, with 115km away from the finish line. The time gap remains at about 3 minutes and 10 seconds, and the game is about to come to the first level 4 climb.



On a level 4 climb with a length of only 900m, Anthony Perez shook his car and grabbed one point ahead of Ide Schelling. At this point, Anthony Perez and Ide Schelling's climbing points are both 3 points, and the competition between the two polka dot jerseys is bound to become more and more fierce in the next climbing.


Coming to the only sprint point in the game, Jonas Koch took the lead in attacking, but was overtaken by Edward Theuns at the last minute, who successfully won 20 sprint points. Two minutes later, the main group came to the sprint point on the way, and several sprinters began to exert their strength. Among them, the most surprising was Mark Cavendish. In this less intense sprint matchup, Caleb Ewan maintained the lead, and Mark Cavendish initiated the sprint with the help of his teammates. Then Caleb Ewan crossed the line and scored 8 points.



Before the second level 4 climb, heavy rain poured on the field and Ide Schelling speeded out and brought out Anthony Perez and Jonas Koch. Ide Schelling and Anthony Perez stared at each other. They launched a heads-up matchup in the last few hundred meters of the climb. In the end, Ide Schelling was even better, scoring 1 point and temporarily holding the lead of the polka dot jersey.


In the last 70km, Edward Theuns in the breakout group flew away alone and flew to the next level 4 climbing point alone. The breakout group quickly fell apart. Ide Schelling and Anthony Perez shook hands and gave up the subsequent climbing competition. The two returned to the main group shortly after Edward Theuns flew solo through the climbing point. There was still 50km to the end, and the weather was clear after rain. At this time, only Edward Theuns and Jérémy Cabot were left in the breakout group. They were 1 minute and 52 seconds ahead of the main group.





The main group drove into the last 25km at high speed under the leadership of Tony Martin and others. At this time, the breakout two were only ahead of 1 minute and 5 seconds. After 4km, Edward Theuns flicked a shot, throwing off Jérémy Cabot and flew away alone. Jérémy Cabot was recovered by the main group. Edward Theuns successfully won 1 point for the climbing point. After completing the task, he was quickly taken back by the main group.




The main group speeded up during the climb, Christopher Froome fell behind, Mathieu van der Poel made a decisive force 17km before the finish line, quickly shook off the main group, and began to hit the penultimate level 3 climb. Seeing that Mathieu van der Poel is about to win the time-reduction reward for the climbing point, the popular cyclist rushed out, Tadej Pogacar, Primož Roglič and Julian Alaphilippe launched a small sprint duel.

Mathieu van der Poel barely stabilized his position and won the 8-second lapse of the climbing point. Tadej Pogacar, who crossed the line in second place, gained 5 seconds, Primož Roglič 2 seconds, and Julian Alaphilippe got no particles. After a brief split, the main group came together again, and the Ineos Grenadiers team came forward to take on the lead task. In the last 6km, the Alpecin-Fenix ​​team came to the front of the group, and each of the Ineos Grenadiers team pulled up a sprint train, and for a while, everyone was waiting for the final level 3 climb.


▲At the end of the race, it was a lap, GC bike riders passed the finish arch for the first time


The Ineos Grenadiers, Bahrain Victorious and Astana-Premier Tech teams headed forward into the final 3km, and the sprinters began to look for vantage points. Michał Kwiatkowski (Ineos Grenadiers) accelerated wildly and led the main group into the final climb. Several cyclists tried to speed up and try their luck, but they were all recovered by the steady progress of the Ineos Grenadiers team. Richie Porte led the team into the final 1.1km, Nairo Quintana (Team Arkea-Samsic) decisively attacked, Mathieu van der Poel followed, Sonny Colbrelli (Bahrain Victorious) attacked, and Mathieu van der Poel chased.




Mathieu van der Poel shook off the cyclist behind him as he climbed the hill, and no one could keep up with him. Mathieu van der Poel was fully fired and flew 800m solo, winning the stage very beautifully. Tadej Pogacar finished second with 6 seconds behind, while Primož Roglič, who crossed the line, finished third. Coupled with the time-reduction rewards previously competed, Mathieu van der Poel's total score jumped to the top of the list. Mathieu van der Poel put on the yellow jersey on the second day of the Tour de France. He fulfilled his grandfather's long-cherished wish. This big boy couldn't help crying. This may be the best consolation for his grandfather in the spirit of heaven. .


In terms of overall results, Mathieu van der Poel was the first, Julian Alaphilippe was just 8 seconds behind, and the French was second. Tadej Pogacar is 13 seconds behind Mathieu van der Poel and is temporarily third. In addition, Mathieu van der Poel cut two 3rd grade climbing points in succession and became the new owner of the climbing polka dot jersey. Julian Alaphilippe keeps the sprint green jersey, and Tadej Pogacar continues to wear the best young cyclist white jersey. Edward Theuns won the Combativity award for the stage.


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