Are you unwilling to ride to and from get off work for these reasons?

The benefits of cycling are tens of thousands. I think everyone knows that there is no time limit, no speed limit, no crowding, weight loss, and heart function. To be more noble, it can also contribute to the national environmental protection, but why even though cycling can bring us many benefits, still the vast majority of people are unwilling to commute by bike? You must know that liking to ride a bike does not mean that you like to commute by bike. I thought of the following 6 common problems that cause inconvenience to commute by bike. Come and see if this is the case.

1. Air problems-haze, exhaust
The most talked about this year are smog and air quality. Inhalable particulate matter PM10 and PM2.5 are the primary pollutants. Environmental protection experts even pointed out that, in addition to meteorological reasons, harmful substances emitted by industrial production, motor vehicle exhaust, construction, and winter heating coal burning are difficult to diffuse, resulting in a significant decline in air quality. When commuting to and from get off work every day, the dust and exhaust in the air are really harmful to the human body. 

2. Road conditions-too chaotic
"Riding a bicycle in a motorway, worrying about the car hitting yourself, riding on the sidewalk, and worrying about hitting a pedestrian." Although cars have dedicated lanes, many drivers still occupy bicycle lanes. In addition, bicycles also need to "grab use" non-motorized lanes with pedestrians, motorcyclists, and electric bicycles. Many pedestrians will cross the road indiscriminately. Chinese-style crossings are also staged from time to time. In addition, the situation will be even more chaotic if they ride to a large crossroad. Noise accompanied by the hustle and bustle of people ruined the good mood of the day.

3. Distance problem-too far
Cycling is indeed free and not crowded, but unlike foreign countries, each district is basically equivalent to a city. It can be seen that China is so big. Suppose I live in West Sixth Ring Road, but I work in Sihui. I take the No. 1 subway every day, although it is crowded to death. But if you change your bike, you have to ride for an hour and a half even if you ride the road, let alone commute. When I arrived at the unit, I was already exhausted, let alone work.

4. Storage problem-fear of losing
I am afraid of the sun, wind, rain, and blowing, and I am afraid of losing it at night. How to store bicycles when commuting to work is a very important issue. I want to find one indoors or under an office building, and it is supervised and equipped with a carport. At first, not everyone is so lucky. If the whole commute is too far, many people will also choose the connection of bicycles and subways, from home to the subway station to transfer to the subway, this is not far and short distance many people want to ride, but there are also problems. It is important to know that unattended parking spots are the main reason why many people are unwilling to store their cars in subway parking spots.
The first four are basically the issues that everyone is generally concerned about, and the latter two are the concerns of girls and more hypocritical people. Keep watching.

5. Wearing problems-too cold in winter and too hot in summer
Whether in winter or summer, cycling and commuting are the biggest problem. No better than cyclists, most people who commute by bicycle wear clothes suitable for work. This is bound to make it too cold to get up early in the winter and too hot to ride for a while. So the biggest problem facing commuting in winter is not to keep out the cold, but how to keep it cool enough. Cycling generates a lot of heat in any weather. So no matter what season, commuting to work by bike will inevitably be sweaty.

6. Styling problem-makeup and hairstyle are messed up
In this era where cycling is environmental protection, cycling to work is becoming more and more fashionable. The trendy styles of bicycles are overwhelming! Various bicycle fashion products have also emerged. All this tells us that dressing up and sitting on the back of the chair will be the latest fashion trend today! But... the weather is difficult to control, and it is inevitable to encounter a sudden strong wind, a shower, which will make your preparations go to waste early in the morning and mess up your beautifully lit attire.
After reading this, do you admire those who commute by bike? Not because they are green, but because they really love to ride bikes from the bottom of their hearts. No matter how bad the weather is, how unbearable the road is, whether the bicycle will suddenly disappear one day, they all choose to commute by bicycle resolutely. They are highly confident in their physical strength, and they use their actions to prove that bicycle is the best way to travel.

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