Before buying a bicycle, ask yourself these questions

When you have decided to buy your first bike, congratulations, this is an exciting time! But as a novice, you are confused and afraid of being slaughtered in the dazzling array of car shops. Regardless of the situation, like everything else in life, if you are prepared, you will have a better experience. To give you more confidence, Wheelsall ( has compiled some questions you should ask yourself before buying.

Ask yourself beforehand

Before you go out shopping, it's wise to figure out what you want. When a salesperson asks you, if you have already thought it through, you can answer better.

Do I know what I want to do with a bicycle?

This may be the most important thing before starting the search. Do you buy bicycles for transportation, entertainment, exercise, or a combination of the three? How often do you ride the bike? How far? Riding on the highway or the mountain road? Evaluating these criteria will help you figure out whether you should consider roads, fitness, urban, electric, sand, and mountain bikes, etc. So this will be your most important decision in narrowing your choice.

What kind of bike do I hope to ride a year from now?

If you plan to make significant progress on a project, or just do a lot of riding, it’s important to plan ahead. Remember, basically, all bicycles are friendly to beginners. Ideally, you want a bicycle that can grow with you. You really want something that can slowly upgrade the kit and wheels. Or after riding for a year, you may decide to spend money to upgrade to lighter wheels, etc. Remember, the bike shop clerk will provide advice, so don’t be shy to ask for their opinions and share your cycling plan and goals.

What is my budget?

Having a fixed budget when buying a bike can help you stay calm and avoid regretting buying a bike on the spur of the moment. Be realistic, but also know that choosing the cheapest option may eventually lead to some hidden costs. Cheap bicycles are often equipped with less sturdy parts, may be assembled hastily, and may not have an accompanying warranty. You need to make sure that what you get is related to the ride you plan to do.

At first glance it may seem tempting to save money, but if you think about the money that will ultimately be spent on repairs, it is easy to understand that spending more money in advance is worthwhile in the long run. After all, you get what you pay for.

Questions to ask when buying a bicycle

Of course, you also have to ask the car seller some questions. Here are a few questions that must be asked.

Can I test the bicycle?

To be honest, if a bike shop doesn't let you try it out, then you should buy it elsewhere. Test drive will give you the opportunity to feel the bicycle and make sure you know how to use all its functions safely-including shifting and braking. If you are a novice, it may be difficult to judge whether it is suitable by feeling, but you can ensure the accuracy of the car size.

What kind of comfort do you need?

Speaking of suitability, it is important to understand the level of service provided by a car shop. If your bike cannot adapt to your body, it can cause discomfort and even cause injury. During the trial ride, the store will set your seat cushion height correctly and advise you on any adjustments that may need to be made. You should also ask if it is appropriate in the next few weeks.

What is the difference between the kits on these bikes?

If you see two similar options, but their prices are quite different, then it is most likely caused by the kit. Such as gear shifters, shock absorbers and chains have a great influence on the price of bicycles. Some high-end kits may be lighter in weight and smoother conversion, although these are definitely good, but when you are just getting started, you don't have to spend more money on it.

Does this bike have a warranty?

You may take your bike for repairs several times a year, so when it comes to providing these services, it's a good idea to understand the store's policies. You should also figure out what the merchant warranty covers.

If you are a novice, you will soon realize how useful it is to master the best practices for basic maintenance and repairs. In order to ride alone safely, you need to change tires or repair a broken chain. It is important to have the right tools and knowledge, so know whether the car shop will hold classes to help you develop your skills.

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