How to enjoy the Tour de France?

Many people will say this when talking about sports competitions: I just want to watch the final sprint to win the championship, that's the most exciting! This sentence is not very appropriate when used in the Tour de France, why? There are 21 race days in the Tour de France, and each stage will produce a champion. After all stages are completed, the one with the least accumulated time will become the championship.

The Tour de France is the top event in cycling, so, whether you are a cycling fan or not, this is a race worth admiring, because it contains many "scheming" and beautiful scenery. Here are a few more Appreciation angle will help you find fun in it.

Highlight 1: This is a "team battle"
The Tour de France includes individual time trials and team competitions.
In the team competition, the most spectacular thing is that you can see dozens of cyclists form a large group, plus they are dressed in colorful costumes, it is really a beautiful scenery. The reason for gathering into a big group is to resist wind resistance. It is said that riding in a well-coordinated team can save up to 40% of energy. However, this crash was also continuous. Therefore, how to show the biggest advantage of the team is one of the biggest attractions of the Tour de France.

A convoy is basically composed of a general, a deputy, a breakout cyclist, and a "waterman". The main general is the person most likely to hit the yellow jersey. The lieutenant will "sacrifice" himself to help the master win, which is rare in other games. For example, sprint cyclists, their lieutenant will have a name-sprint train. Just a few cyclists in a row, with the lieutenant as the front and the sprinter at the end, waiting for the time to sprint. In this way, the sprinter can get a better kick position on the one hand, and save energy on the other hand.

Highlight 2: This is a "tactical battle"
Team battles pay attention to tactics, and "catching rabbits" is one of the favorite links for bike fans.
A rabbit is one or several bikes ahead of the main bike group in a stage. Generally not long after the start of the big group competition, you will see a few people rushing out very quickly. These are rabbits. They "have their own minds". Some try to disrupt the rhythm, some are to grab points, and some are to advertise for sponsors. , And some are tactical needs.

For example, the air refueling tactic is that one or more lieutenants in the convoy join the rabbit group, and then the main general chooses an opportunity to launch an attack. After catching up with the lieutenant, the lieutenant will bring the main general to save energy and "eject" the main general within a certain range.

Many people who have just watched the race will have a question: Why are the big-name cyclists in the rear at the beginning? I believe that when you see this, the doubt will be solved.

Highlight 3: This is a "tour abroad"
Even if you really don't understand any professional vocabulary, let's take a look at the scenery along the way. France is a picturesque country, and the scenery along the way is extremely beautiful. You can enjoy the French style and style without buying a ticket. Is it great?
In addition, some interesting things will happen on the side of the road. For example, some cycling enthusiasts will accompany them on the side in a variety of strange poses, and even some people will accompany them on horseback.

How to enjoy the Tour de France?
1. Find a team or a cyclist to support
Choosing a favorite team or a cyclist will make you watch the race more purposeful. This can be concerned from the moment the team debuts. Look at whether the riding equipment is cool or not, whether the team uniforms are dazzling, whether the appearance is high or not, and whether the body is good or not. In each stage, see who wears a yellow shirt (total time leader), who wears a green shirt (sprint points leader), who wears a polka dot shirt (leader in the climbing stage), and who wears a white shirt ( Young player leader). Usually, the yellow shirt is the focus of everyone's attention.

For example, Froome is not only a "frequent visitor" to the yellow jersey, but many fans think that their fun is to watch him look at the stopwatch several times during the game.

2. Determine the time to cheer up according to the stage
The Tour de France is divided into a flat road stage and a mountain stage. The "viewing posture" is different.
The climax of the flat road stage is the sprint before the finish line. You have a lot of time to eat melon seeds in the middle, as long as you are refreshed in the last 10 kilometers. In flat road races, the gap between cyclists will not be too big.

In contrast, more people will find the mountain stage more interesting. The mountain stage can be said to be a "gradual elimination" process. Especially when going through a slope, cyclists will widen a big gap due to the difference in climbing ability, which can take up to tens of minutes. Therefore, the mountain stage focuses on all kinds of difficult ramps, because this is the main attacking ground and the key to victory or defeat.

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