Sprint feast, climbing upgrade, 2021 Tour of UAE route announced.

The third Tour of the UAE will be held from February 21 to 27. The organizers recently announced the race route. This race has 7 stages with a total length of 1045km and a total climb of about 3500m. The route includes 4 flat road stages, 2 short-slope sprint stages and 1 ITT stage. Many big-name drivers have all appeared, and the competition will be very exciting. (Details: "War is coming and stars are gathering! UAE Team Tour Announced.")

▲Overview of 7 stages



Stage 1 177km

The first stage will start from Al Ruwais town, pass through the Abu Dhabi area, and arrive at the coastal city of Al Mirfa. The main group will stage a wonderful finish sprint after riding 177km.

▲The first stage of a wide expanse of flat land



Stage 2 13km

The second stage is an individual time trial, with a total length of 13km, held on the beautiful Al Hudyriat Island. Although the schedule is short, it is equally important for drivers who race against every minute of the clock. In addition, the multi-bend track also tests the riding skills of the riders. This time trial may open up some time gaps.

▲13km pure flat road time trial




Stage 3 162km

The third stage is still being held in Abu Dhabi. Starting from the Strata Manufacturing headquarters at Al Ain International Airport, passing through Jebel Hafeet, the highest altitude of the last 10km climb is more than 1000m. Fans can look forward to witnessing this race here. The first red shirt competition.



Stage 4 204km

The fourth stage starts and finishes on the island of Al Marjan, which shuttles between the two emirates. This is also the longest stage in this tournament. The almost flat track will give sprinters a stage to play. .




Stage 5 170km

The fifth stage starts from Fujairah City and goes all the way north, finally reaching the challenging Jebel Jais peak, with a maximum altitude of 1491m. The final climb is more than 20km. On this long and ruthless track, the winners or losers of GC drivers are likely to determine the final overall results ranking list.




Stage 6 168km

This is another stage that belongs to the sprinter, and the magnificent Dubai city scenery will also make this game unique. The end of the race is set on the Palm Jumeirah. The riders will drive into this spectacular artificial island, enter the submarine tunnel from the "branch", and finally end the race with a fierce sprint on the outer ring island.




Stage 7 147km

As the third round of the UAE’s final battle, the seventh stage will start from Yas Shopping Center and visit the scenery of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, along the flat avenue, and finally make the final sprint along the city’s breakwaters. The championship of this tournament will also be crowned here.


The four-color jersey of this race is the same as in previous years. The red shirt is the strongest overall driver, the green shirt is the representative of the highest sprint points, the white shirt symbolizes the best young driver, and the black shirt wins the most sprints on the way Points the rider puts on.

At the route conference, Pogačar said: "I am very happy to start my season in the UAE. We just had a pre-season training camp here and did some great training, especially at Jebel Hafeet. I feel very Well, I am very motivated to participate in this race. After winning the stage last year, I desire more. This is a big event for me and the team. We will be here to fight for the victory of the home race. "

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