Do you have deep feelings about these experiences after riding?

    Riding is exercise, and exercise is a hard process after all. The truth we all know is: tired, painful, and happy. If you think that riding is not tiring at all, and ignore the fatigue and pain of riding, then you must not be able to continue riding. Instead of this, it is better to give up as soon as possible, or choose a self-driving tour directly.


    Riding is also a team activity, and there are often activities to ride with the team. As a participant, you must be familiar with the team’s rules and have basic politeness and attitude. If you go your own way in the team and think that it is too bad, you will probably be less and less willing to ride with you. Riding is also a manifestation of personal qualities and social skills. If you can't fit into the circle, you can't get along with everyone, and you can't insist on flying solo, then daily commuting is more suitable for you.

  Riding requires science. Like many sports, it requires warm-up. Warming up is the process of waking up the body's functions and gradually entering the state of exercise. The lack of warming up will bring sports injuries to the body, so as an ordinary rider, warming up is also very important. If you can’t understand this common sense of riding, for the sake of health, give up riding.


    Since it's exercise, it will definitely consume some. Don't just ride for the sake of fat loss. Even drinking water and eating to supplement energy are limited, then the gain is not worth the loss. When riding, you need to replenish water and energy at any time. Don't wait until you are thirsty and hungry. This is also a necessary supplement for good health. Scientific supplements are very necessary, and friends who self-masses weight loss must pay attention to this.

    Riding is a fashionable sport and a sport mode that everyone agrees with. When many friends are not in contact with riding, they are always thinking about whether they are suitable for them; whether to persist, wait for the consideration to mature, and find that they are really a potential stock after entering the circle.


    In addition to physical exercise, riding can also gain a lot of friends. This is something that many riders did not expect before entering the circle. This is also a great harvest after riding.

    When you don’t have any contact with riding, you can never imagine that you can complete a mileage of 100 kilometers to 200 kilometers a day through the pedaling of two feet. After trekking through mountains and rivers, you will exercise your will while your physical condition is also improving.

    If you don’t get in touch with riding, you really can’t experience it, you will encounter a rider on the road, a greeting, a smile, a comfort when you wave your hand, the warmth in your heart when you get help, the sense of accomplishment when you help others, and you meet someone you accompany while riding. That kind of joy.


    I have never thought that it only costs a few tens of dollars to ride for a day, and I can still have fun. The harmonious atmosphere, the laughter along the way, the wonderful meal, the persistence beyond the limit and so on, can never be experienced without riding.


    When you are exposed to riding, you will feel that the city is really close to nature, and it has zero fuel consumption and is very environmentally friendly. If you don’t ride deeply, you can’t understand at all. There is nothing that can’t be solved in one ride. If there is, then take twice.

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