Riding helmet guide: what kind of helmet is good ?

good helmet

Let's start with the various performances of the helmet and see what kind of helmet is a good helmet.

1. Sturdy or not

The degree of sturdiness is mainly determined by its manufacturing process, the presence or absence of an internal skeleton, and the material of the shell. Cycling helmets are composed of a shell and internal cushioning materials. Due to the different combinations, they can be divided into two forms: one-piece and non-one-piece.

Integral molding refers to putting the shell and cushioning material into the machine to complete processing at one time; non-integral molding refers to forming the foam first, and then covering the finished shell on the foam. The one-piece helmet shell fits better with the internal cushioning material and has greater strength, which can better protect our head. Instead of one-piece, it is relatively weaker.


The helmet skeleton, by laying a skeleton inside the helmet (which can be made up like a ship laying skeleton), to improve the overall strength of the helmet, reduce the possibility of disintegration, and help the helmet maintain the overall shape. In the past, this technology was mostly used on top helmets, and now this technology is also being decentralized to more product lines.

There is not much to say about the shell material, its own nature determines its characteristics. In simple terms, the strength of the helmet is: internal skeleton + integral molding> integral molding> non-integral molding.


2. Safety (protective)

This can be judged mainly from the helmet type, internal cushioning material and safety technology. Mountain riding faces more challenges, and its helmet has a larger protective area, and its protection will be better than the road riding helmet of the same level. Generally speaking, it can be understood as conventional full helmet>Enduro full helmet/detachable full helmet>mountain half helmet>road riding helmet.

The internal cushioning material is not easy to make quantitative comparisons due to the technology, bias, and trade-offs in the design. The simplest and most direct way is to understand its performance through its safety certification. It mainly includes three system standards: CE, CPSC and AS/NZS.


In addition to the equipment of conventional helmets, additional safety technology can bring higher safety. For example, MIPS and Wavecel structures to prevent concussion.



3. Fit

This is mainly reflected in the adjustment mechanism and the internal shape of the helmet. The adjustment mechanism is similar, and the gap cannot be widened. The fit is mainly reflected in the internal shape of the helmet. There are two main types, one is oval and the other is round. This is the version we often say, the former is suitable for Europeans and Americans, and the latter is suitable for Asians.

When Asians wear oval helmets, there is a sense of clamping on both sides of the head. Many helmets will bring a very bad experience. Even xxl helmets are needed to wear them. At this time, the fit is not enough. Using a round helmet, its contour can better fit our head shape, wear compactly, and provide maximum safety.


4. Ventilation

This is very important for helmets. Especially in the hot summer, no one wants to wring out the water after riding. An excellent helmet will have an excellent air duct design, forming an airflow to accelerate the air flow and take away heat.

Of course, ventilation often requires some trade-offs. For example, pneumatic helmets will give priority to aerodynamic performance and reduce vents. Another example is that the ventilation of the conventional full helmet is not as good as Enduro's ultra-light full helmet, but in most cases the protection of the latter will be inferior to the former.



Drbike Helmet HE015


5. Weight

The helmet, after all, is the equipment worn on the head, no one wants to be top-heavy, with a lot of weight on the head.








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