Say goodbye to COVID-19 , 4 benefits of indoor cycling training

Don't let COVID-19 delay your daily training. The training suggestions I will mention below will make you a healthier and stronger rider and prepare you for your first race in spring.

With the advancement of technology, indoor training has become one of the most effective ways to prepare for an event. One of the biggest misconceptions about indoor training is that we must be exhausted every time we train and ride fast. In fact, indoor training should follow the same structure and methods as outdoor training.



1. Indoor training

Training indoors is very efficient because you can perform all outdoor training on the cycling platform while reducing the total time for each training session. Some coaches believe that they can reduce endurance training by 25% when riding indoors. For example, 2 hours of zone 2 riding (easy endurance riding) can be reduced to 90 minutes. When you have to train indoors, this environment and intensity can still achieve the same amount of stimulation as outdoors.


2.the benefits of indoor training

1. High efficiency, save time

The biggest advantage of indoor training is that it is time efficient. A cycling platform allows us to complete more high-quality physical exercises in a shorter period of time, which is a great advantage for people with limited time. When you are indoors, every second of your training is to exert the strength you want through your pedals to ensure the training time.

On the other hand, because there are downhill skating, waiting for traffic lights and other municipal road facilities in the outdoors, outdoor cycling may result in almost 30% to 40% of the time being barely trampled.


2. Test endurance more

As mentioned earlier, the constant resistance output of the cycling platform will provide better training results than when you are training the same content outdoors. This is due to the fact that there will be cars rolling outdoors, parking and waiting or actively or passively following the car to block the wind. On the cycling platform, you can only pedal all the time, and will not be affected by these factors, so every pedaling is effective.


3. High safety factor

Indoor training eliminates all the risk factors related to outdoor, the first is the hidden dangers of traffic and the risks of road conditions. The increasing traffic accident rate in recent years also shows that many reckless motor vehicle drivers do not know how to deal with cyclists correctly, and there are also retrograde eDonkeys (laughs).

Of course, everyone knows the wind, rain and snow, and indoor riding is not afraid.


4. High training accuracy

With the current continuous innovation of smart cycling platforms, the software can precisely control the size of the resistance, making it easier to perform interval intensity exercises. You are no longer restricted by the local topography.


3.How to overcome the potential disadvantages of indoor training

1. The body is overheated

As human beings, our efficiency in converting stored energy into output energy is relatively low, with only about 22-25% really working. The rest is lost in the form of heat, and our body keeps cool by evaporating sweat.

When riding outdoors, the air flowing on the body surface takes away the sweat and most of the heat. But when we ride indoors, we are not moving in the air, and sweat cannot evaporate in time, which causes the core temperature to rise rapidly.

Solution: Buy a big fan, put it directly in front of your cycling platform, hit it on your face, and then turn it to the maximum when you exercise. In addition, you should use absorbent towels to wipe sweat to avoid wind and cold, and be prepared for cleaning after a lot of sweating.


2. Too boring

Indoor riding is one of the most spiritually challenging items in all training. Just sitting in one place to keep pedaling seems to be too boring.

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