How to overcome cycling burnout period?

No matter whether you like to ride leisurely or pull out, you will inevitably have a burnout period after riding for a long time. In fact, "any exercise will have a burnout period", but how to overcome this burnout period is a science.

People just like the new and dislike the old

Human is a creature that loves the new and dislikes the old, so it is easy to be ecstatic when first encountering a bicycle, as if it has opened a new world. But human nature is cruel, and it will be boring to repetitive things. As a result, many people would ride crazy when they first came into contact with bicycles, taking pictures and clocking everywhere. After riding for a while, they gradually became bored. Soon there will be more bicycles in the corner of the house, so don’t be surprised.

long time no ride

Change your taste

To overcome the burnout period, the most important thing is that you need to check your "how to ride", which mainly includes three points: "cycling route", "riding intensity", and "who rides with you".

Biking route:

If you usually like to ride leisurely, naturally your riding route is easy to be restricted and easy to repeat. I suggest you draw a circle with a radius of 50 kilometers around your home, and go online to find out which routes you can ride in this circle, and what are some good scenic spots or food worth visiting? Or you can ask directly in the cyclist group or circle of friends. You can only experience the fun of cycling by riding different routes.

Riding strength:

If you are an ascetic monk, I believe you must be very demanding for your weekly mileage, but if you feel bored and don’t ride a bike, all training will be meaningless, so if you feel too tired physically and mentally, it’s okay to take a break. of. Change some exercise, eat some good things to change your mood.

Who rides with you:

After all, people are social animals, and a person will always be bored after a long time. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a bicycle as a way to expand your circle of friends, rather than a pure exercise tool. Try to join a local team, go to the nearby car shop to chat, participate in friends' appointments, etc. are all good ways. When the bicycle is no longer just a bicycle, but a part of your life, ride a bicycle It won't be boring in itself.


I am not sociable and have no motivation, what should I do?


This problem seems difficult, but the solution is unexpectedly simple. Not good at communication is not a problem, everyone has his own habit of getting along, and motivation can be cultivated.

The big reason for "not motivated" is "lack of physical strength", and physical strength must be cultivated regularly. You can give yourself a homework and make it mandatory that you must go out for exercise for a short period of time every week, even 30 minutes. If you have persisted throughout the week, reward yourself, whether it’s a good meal or watching a movie, so that you feel that "work is rewarded", so that you can develop your physical strength and make yourself motivated.




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