Goodbye my riding friend! 6 benefits of riding alone .

riding alone

Participating in group activities will bring many benefits, that is, to have a group of companions who accompany you to watch the scenery on the way, and can help you out of trouble in time when encountering emergencies. However, sometimes it can be fun to ride alone. In your own time, you can ride on the road and enjoy the tranquility of being alone. And currently due to the epidemic situation, it is highly recommended to ride alone. In addition, the benefits of riding alone are as follows.


1. You can go where you want to go

When you are riding alone, you only need to think about yourself and not cater to the routes of other riders who are riding together. During long-term cycling, the idea of a steep climb will inevitably arise, but fellow riders do not like climbing. And, if you only want to ride within 20 kilometers, you can ride alone.


2. You can go if you want

One of the worst things for a group of people to ride a bicycle is to wait for everyone to arrive. Basically, every time a group goes out for a ride, there will always be an hour later than the prescribed time. Riding alone means you can change your travel plan, fill up the kettle slowly, get everything ready, and set off at your leisure.

If the plan for a group ride is to gather on the way, it is even worse, because more or less people will be late, so they may stand for a long time in the cold winter wind, or they may be exposed to the hot sun for a long time in summer. Similarly, you don't want to be the late rider, you will be in a hurry on the way and cause loss.

However, solo riding means that you can walk as you want, and you can comfortably step on the pedals to go anywhere from the moment you leave home.


3. You can stop as many times as you like

When encountering a magnificent scenery, I want to stop to take pictures and wind up the circle of friends, or I want to stop to check the current location of the mobile map, or I am tired after a long ride and want to stop and repair, then this time The advantages of riding alone are obvious.

When riding alone, you don't have to take care of other fellow riders. If you want to park 10 times at any time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, no one cares. However, if you ride in a group, unless you are in a cycling team who are photographers who have the same hobbies, they are likely to be annoyed.


4.It gives you time to think

This must be one of the greatest benefits of riding alone. It allows you to have time to truly relax, or walk freely in nature, freeing your mind from all worries.

Although group riding is great for socializing, frequent chatting may prevent you from enjoying your time. Sometimes this is a must-have when riding a bike.


5.You can give up when needed

One of the worst feelings is that when you are "struck" by your fellow riders, you still have to try your best to catch up, but in many cases you can't catch up. Friends will also use white lies to motivate you to move on.

Even if you are driving slowly, no one will keep urging you to catch up with the big group; even if you announce to abandon your original riding plan today, no one will know; even if you are overtaken by another lonely rider, neither will Someone laughs at you.


6.You will win all the sprints

In our riding collective, there will always be a strong rider who is stronger than you. So maybe you will do everything possible to use tricky tactics and surprising attacks to find opportunities to defeat them, such as climbing hills or sprints, but the results are unpredictable.

However, if you can ride on your own, you can raise your arms to celebrate your victory every time you reach the top of the mountain, unless a rider who may appear at any time surpasses you during the climb.

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