The Thirteenth stage of the Tour de France: Raid in the mountains! MARTíNEZ breaks out and wins POGAČAR white shirt

On September 11, the thirteenth stage of the Tour de France ended. MARTíNEZ (EF Education First) successfully reversed the game before the finish line and won the stage championship. POGAČAR and ROGLIČ cooperated to attack, BERNAL lost time again, POGAČAR put on the best young driver white shirt.

"13" is not an auspicious number in Western culture, and so is the thirteenth stage. Riders will usher in the first level 1 climb after starting 25km, and the following 150 kilometers will be spent in large and small climbs, interspersed with a sprint point that sprinters can't reach. This stage mainly depends on which team's team members cooperate better and can arrange tactics more rationally, because there is a "boss" waiting for the drivers at the end of the game on the thirteenth stage.

In the last 15km of the stage, a level 2 climb and a level 1 climb are integrated. The grade 2 climb is 3.8km long, with an average slope of 9.1%, of which the slope of 3km is over 9%. After completing this level 2 climb, the riders have no time to rest and start to climb the final Puy Mary summit, and the slope of the 2km before the end can reach a maximum of 15%. This top end of the mountain will bring an unforgettable experience to the riders. The riders will grin here, fighting for the stage championship and climbing points.

15km after the start of the game, five people, CAVAGNA, ALAPHILIPPE (Deceuninck-Quick-Step), COSNEFROY (AG2R), GESCHKE (CCC), and Dan MARTIN (Israel Start-Up Nation), successfully broke through. The main group continued to attack, DE GENDT (Lotto Soudal's acceleration brought out a small chasing group, among which SOLER (Movistar Team) successfully left, and soon joined the breakout group in front, COSNEFROY withdrew from the breakout group. The first grade 1 climbing point in the competition was captured by GESCHKE.

After 50km of the race, the five breakouts lead the main group by 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Behind them are Pavel SIVAKOV (INEOS Grenadiers), ALAPHILIPPE, CARTHY (EF Education First), BARGUIL (Team Arkea Samsic), ROLLAND (B&B Hotels–Vital Concept) Waiting for a chasing group of drivers. Before the level 3 climbing point arrived, all the breakout drivers merged into a 17-man group, leading the main group by 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

ROLLAND was attacked at level 3 and successfully scored points for climbing. When there was still 112km away from the finish line, CARTHY and Maduoas (FDJ) in the breakout group joined forces to attack, but the friendship between the two did not last. Maduoas then ditched CARTHY and solo took the points for the next level 2 climbing point. In the final 97km of the race, MADOUAS returned to the small group, and the breakout group was now ahead of the main group by 7 minutes and 10 seconds.

The 17 breakout groups were: Pavel SIVAKOV (INEOS Grenadiers), KÄMNA, SCHACHMANN (Bora-Hansgrohe), ALAPHILIPPE, CAVAGNA, MADOUAS, CARTHY, MARTINEZ, POWLESS (EF Education First), BARGUIL, SOLER, GESCHKE, CrétdCofidis Solutions , DE LA CRUZ (UAE TEAM EMIRATES), Dan MARTIN, SICARD (TOTAL DIRECT ENERGIE) and ROLLAND. ROLLAND, with the best overall score, is 18 minutes and 57 seconds behind ROGLIČ, so the breakout group does not pose a threat to the GC drivers in the main group.

88km before the finish line, there was a crash in the middle of the main group. Several riders fell to the ground. Among them, Bardet returned to the car for a while to continue the race. The AG2R team retreated to the back to protect him from chasing the main group. MOLLEMA (Trek-Segafredo), ranked 13th in overall score, was seriously injured and ended this tour de France early. ALAPHILIPPE led the breakout group through the sprint point on the way. When there was still 80km from the finish line, the main group was behind the leader of Team Jumbo-Visma by 7 minutes and 40 seconds.

The time gap between the two groups gradually increased, and the main group slowed down. With 61km away from the finish line, the Breakout Group took the lead of 9 minutes and 10 seconds to level 3 climbing. ROLLAND sprinted to defeat Maduoas and scored another level 3 climbing points.

Entering the last 40km, POWLESS flew away from the breakout group, leading the main group for more than 10 minutes. The INEOS Grenadiers team took the lead position from the Team Jumbo-Visma team. POWLESS flew solo, and soon after SCHACHMANN launched a pursuit, CAVAGNA led the breakout group to fight steadily in the rear, waiting for the right time to attack. 29km before the finish line, SCHACHMANN succeeded in catching up with POWLESS. Do they want to work together to climb the next level 2 with reduced seconds rewards?

ALAPHILIPPE led the chase for many times in the breakout group, but no one was willing to cooperate with the French to pursue POWLESS and SCHACHMANN in front. SCHACHMANN dumped POWLESS in the last 18km, and the time gap between the two quickly rose to 45 seconds. At the start of level 2 climbing, SOLER led the team to speed up the recovery of POWLESS, who was left behind, and ALAPHILIPPE struggled slightly behind the small group.

The day for a breakout driver

In the last 13.5km, Martínez accelerated and brought out SOLER and KÄMNA. The breakout group was torn apart, and ALAPHILIPPE fell behind. Less than 1km later, SOLER was unable to follow the pace of MARTíNEZ and KÄMNA, lagging behind and returning to the small group behind, and SCHACHMANN chased the two for 40 seconds, and took the lead in winning the level 2 climbing point and the time reduction reward. In the main group, the INEOS Grenadiers team continued to lead the ride, reducing the number to 4 people. Behind them is the Team Jumbo-Visma team.

KWIATKOWSKI leads a GC group, including BERNAL, CARAPAZ, DUMOULIN, ROGLIČ, POGAČAR, YATES, LANDA, etc., while PILOT, BARDET and others are left behind. After KWIATKOWSKI stepped back, CARAPAZ stepped forward and accelerated the pace of the GC Group. Then Team Jumbo-Visma took over the lead task. DUMOULIN tried his best to lead ROGLIČ in the front. At this time, GC Group only had 14 people left.

SCHACHMANN cradles into the final 5km, MARTíNEZ and KÄMNA are 20 seconds behind, and KUSS leads GC Group behind by less than 8 minutes. In the last 2km, KÄMNA pretended to attack and MARTíNEZ accelerated. The two quickly caught up with the SCHACHMANN ahead. The EF Education First team competed against the Bora-Hansgrohe team. Can Martínez break through?

End raid, GC battle escalated

KÄMNA accelerated again, and the three breakout drivers stared at each other. Martínez took two German drivers into the final 1km, and the track slope was close to 15%. In the last 600m, MARTíNEZ and KÄMNA accelerated in turn, discarding the SCHACHMANN who used the high-frame wheels. The two tried each other and waited for the final moment of victory. MARTíNEZ sings forward and is full of fighting spirit, and KÄMNA shows fatigue. In the last 200m, KÄMNA took the lead in launching the sprint, and Martínez was not to be outdone. A wave of overtakes before the finish line successfully won the championship.

At this time, the GC war was not over yet, POGAČAR accelerated the assault, brought out ROGLIČ, and BERNAL fell behind. The two Slovenians cooperated to attack. ROGLIČ wanted to defend his yellow jersey, while POGAČAR was about to pick off the best young driver white jersey from BERNAL. ROGLIČ took POGAČAR all the way to surpass the lagging breakout drivers. Behind them were PORTE, LANDA and LóPEZ chasing hard. In the end, ROGLIČ and POGAČAR won more time. They crossed the line one after another. BERNAL lost time and the white shirt was not guaranteed.

After the end of the stage, ROGLIČ retained the overall result to lead the yellow jersey, Sam BENNETT continued to wear the sprint green jersey, and COSNEFROY defended the climbing polka dot jersey. POGAČAR's total score rose to second, 44 seconds behind ROGLIČ, 15 seconds ahead of BERNAL, and successfully won the best young driver white shirt. SCHACHMANN won the Combativity award for the stage.

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