The 16th stage of the Tour de France: INEOS Grenadiers tactical adjustment KÄMNA wins first victory

On September 15, the 16th stage of the Tour de France ended. KÄMNA (Bora-Hansgrohe) launched a winning charge at the level 1 climbing point in the race, surpassing CARAPAZ, flew solo 20km to the finish line, and successfully won his first victory in the Tour de France.

At the end of the rest day, the Tour de France came to the final crucial week. The sixteenth stage focuses on the two level 2 climbs in the middle of the game and the level 1 and 3 climbs in the back of the game. The sprinters can rest after fighting for the sprint point. Not being closed is the biggest victory.

The highest point in the stage is the first level 2 climb, which is 7.4km long and has an average slope of 6.8%. Both the uphill and downhill routes are very steep, which tests the driver's personal strength. The subsequent level 2 climbs are similar in difficulty. If you can make good use of these two climbs to break through, you will have great hopes to hit the stage champion. But fans who are familiar with the script of the Grand Tour may know that the main group is likely to start chasing after the breakout group has passed two level 2 climbs, wait until the breakout drivers are exhausted, and then take it back, followed by reward time The first grade climbing is the focus of GC drivers' coveted.

The level 1 climb in the stage is 11.1km long, with an average slope of 6.5%. As usual, GC drivers are likely to run out of lieutenants here, and then constantly target each other. Of course, unless the strength and status are perfect online, who else Don't even think about running. Before the finish line, there is a climbing sprint. The altitude rises 154m within 3km. Even a driver who wins a level 1 climbing sprint may not be able to win this uphill sprint. The champion of this stage may be upset.

156 drivers started today’s race, a large number of drivers launched an offensive, a small group of 28 people formed, CARAPAZ (INEOS Grenadiers), SCHACHMANN, KÄMNA (Bora-Hansgrohe), Nans PETERS (AG2R), ALAPHILIPPE (Deceuninck-Quick-Step), PINOT (FDJ), SOLER (Movistar Team), CHAVES (MITCHELTON-SCOTT), HIRSCHI, ROCHE (Team Sunweb), PACHER (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept) and others are on the list. Among them, CARAPAZ with the best overall score is 32 points behind ROGLIČ 55. second.

SAGAN, Sam BENNETT and TRENTIN (CCC), who did not participate in the early breakout, marked each other in the main group. The Bora-Hansgrohe team leader, the main group accelerated the pursuit, and the first level 4 climbing point was seized by Nans PETERS. 17km after the start of the race, the first round of breakout was disintegrated, and the next wave of offensive was about to begin. CARAPAZ and ROCHE attacked again. SAGAN tried to get rid of Sam Bennett to join the breakout but was unsuccessful. Soon after a new 15-person breakout group was formed, TRENTIN joined the breakout operation.

More and more drivers ran out of the main group. Team Jumbo-Visma led the team to take them back one by one. After 40km from the start of the race, 15 people from the breakout group led the main group by 1 minute and 10 seconds. The sprint point was just ahead. Far, so many breakout drivers are very detrimental to SAGAN. GAUDU (FDJ), who fought with injuries for many days, fell behind from the beginning of the game, and soon withdrew from the Tour de France.

Participating in the breakout, TRENTIN rode the Giant PROPEL Advanced SL Disc and grabbed 20 points for the first sprint point on the way. The sprint points ranked third, 60 points behind Sam BENNETT. A number of riders struggled to catch up between the two groups, and the race entered the first level 2 climb. When there was 100km away from the finish line, the number of breakout groups rose to 18, with a lead of more than 8 minutes.

Among the breakout groups, ROLLAND (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept) has the highest climbing points, 10 points behind COSNEFROY. When there was 1.3km away from the second-level climbing point, ROLLAND speeded up and went away and scored 5 points in the first place in the second-level climbing point. At 73km from the finish line, the number of breakout groups rose to 23, and the team leader of Team Jumbo-Visma was behind by 10 minutes and 25 seconds. With 2km away from the second level 2 climbing point, ROLLAND made another attack and scored another 5 points for the solo flight. The climbing points tied with COSNEFROY.

The Team Jumbo-Visma team took the main group forward steadily. At 35km from the finish line, the time gap between the two groups reached 13 minutes. PACHER (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept) flew solo before the start of the level 1 climb. The situation on the field escalated. When there was 10km away from the climbing point, PACHER led the breakout group by 35 seconds, and AMADOR led the breakout group to gradually widen the gap.

In the main group, BERNAL retreated to the group where Sam BENNETT, GREIPEL (Israel Start-Up Nation) and others belonged. In the pre-match interview, BERNAL acknowledged the defeat of the Tour de France and said that he will continue to work hard in the future, and will be a waterman when appropriate to repay his teammates for their hard work.

CARAPAZ, KÄMNA, ALAPHILIPPE and REICHENBACH caught up with the PACHER ahead at a distance of 4.5km from the climbing point, and 5 riders began to climb the level 1 with reduced seconds bonus. At the same time, Guillaume MARTIN and EDET (Cofidis Solutions Crédits) attacked from the main group, and the Team Jumbo-Visma convoy stood still, leaving them alone. With 2km away from the climbing point, CARAPAZ launched a charge, ALAPHILIPPE quickly followed up, and the two Cofidis Solutions Crédits teams were recovered by the main group.

CARAPAZ continued to pull and brought out KÄMNA from the leading group. ALAPHILIPPE followed for a short time and then "exploded" and fell behind. KÄMNA and CARAPAZ began to hit the level 1 climbing point. KÄMNA bit the rear wheel of CARAPAZ, launched a sprint in the last 300 meters, and successfully surpassed CARAPAZ to take the first place in the climbing point. ALAPHILIPPE is 45 seconds behind KÄMNA to pass the climbing point, and the Frenchman's recent performance has been unsatisfactory.

In the last 10km, KÄMNA took the lead. CARAPAZ was 45 seconds after the downhill section, and the difference between the main group was 14 minutes and 35 seconds. The pace of the race accelerated. KÄMNA led CARAPAZ by 1 minute and 10 seconds and entered the final 3km, leading the chasing REICHENBACH by 1 minute and 30 seconds. The 24-year-old German driver finished second in the thirteenth stage. Can he win his first victory in the Tour de France today?

The fans on the side of the track cheered enthusiastically, KÄMNA held the winning ticket, maintained aerodynamic posture and continued to output, and finally succeeded in reaching the top and winning the stage championship. CARAPAZ was 1 minute and 27 seconds behind to cross the line and finished second.

The race is not over yet, Team Jumbo-Visma takes the main group into the final stage. In the last 2km, DE LA CRUZ (UAE TEAM EMIRATES) accelerated in front of the group with POGAČAR, followed by ROGLIČ, and QUINTANA fell behind. In the last 1.5km, the offensive and defensive changes, VAN AERT came to the front to lead, and KUSS was always ready to take over the lead. At 400 meters, POGAČAR's attack failed, and the drivers are still marking each other. At 200 meters, LóPEZ couldn't sit still, with full firepower, and left a group of GC drivers alone, rushing to cross the line before POGAČAR and ROGLIČ, without opening the time gap.

At the end of the stage, ROGLIČ had a yellow jersey, 40 seconds ahead of POGAČAR; Sam BENNETT wore a sprinting green jersey, leading SAGAN by 45 points; COSNEFROY held the climbing polka dot shirt for the time being, and the climbing points were equal to ROLLAND; POGAČAR continued to wear the best The young driver's white shirt leads MAS (Movistar Team) by 2 minutes and 35 seconds. CARAPAZ won the Combativity award for the stage.

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