The twentieth stage of the Tour de France: three wins and three shirts! POGAČAR changed fate.

On September 19, the twentieth stage of the Tour de France ended. POGAČAR attacked the sky and beat DUMOULIN for 1 minute and 21 seconds in the individual time trial, beating ROGLIČ, winning his third victory in the Tour de France, best young driver white shirt, climbing king polka dot shirt and overall yellow shirt !

As the only individual time trial of this Tour de France, the twentieth stage has a grade 1 climb as the final destination. Don’t underestimate this climb. The length is 5.9km, the average slope is 8.5%, the slope is more than 10% in many places, and it is more than 20% before the end. You can imagine the riders wearing jumpsuits and climbing the wall on the time bike. Looks like? In the face of such a personal time period, a driver like DUMOULIN will definitely not change the car, and the time car will fight to the end without wasting a second. At the same time, many riders will choose to change at the bottom of the slope. It is not easy to ride a timed bike with a large gear ratio and heavy weight to climb such a slope. This stage will be the last chance for drivers who want to turn over.

The individual time trial, or ITT for short, starts in reverse order based on the overall results. The start interval of the early drivers is 30 seconds, and the last 74 drivers, that is, the top 74 drivers in the total score, will start at 2-minute intervals. Even ITT is also related to gate time. Drivers can't finish the race more than 25% of the time used by the champion drivers, or they will be closed. This means that the sprinters must not be lazy and must go all out.

In the history of the Tour de France, this is the fifth time that La Planche des belles filles has been set as the end of the stage. What's interesting is that every time the Tour de France comes here, the overall yellow jersey will change. In 2012, Bradley Wiggins won the yellow jersey here, Vincenzo Nibali in 2014, Chris Froome in 2017, and Giulio Ciccone in 2019. Will ROGLIČ, who wears a yellow jersey, break the spell of the yellow jersey here today? We will wait and see.

There are 11 national individual time trial champions on the field today, namely NIV (Israel Start-Up Nation, Israel), MARTíNEZ (EF Education First, Colombia), BILBAO (Bahrain McLaren, Spain), LUTSENKO (Astana Pro Team, Kazakhstan) ), IMPEY (MITCHELTON-Scott, South Africa), Tony MARTIN (Team Jumbo-Visma, Germany), CAVAGNA (Deceuninck-Quick-Step, France), VAN AERT (Team Jumbo-Visma, Belgium), JUNGELS (Deceuninck-Quick -Step, Luxembourg), ASGREEN (Deceuninck-Quick-Step, Denmark) and POGAČAR (UAE TEAM EMIRATES, Slovenia). European individual time trial champion Stefan KüNG (FDJ) retired before the start of the 17th stage to prepare for the upcoming World Championships.

KLUGE, FRISON and EWAN of the Lotto Soudal team were the first three drivers to start the car. It can be seen that the team paid a lot to protect EWAN from being closed. The riders started off one after another, constantly refreshing their best results at the three timing points in the race, and also staged several time trials overtaking. In the race, the drivers also have to face a question: Is it really worth changing cars before the final climb? EWAN was the first to give the answer and replaced a large group of cars at the bottom of the slope. The small sprinter struggled to climb the slope. EWAN struggled to rock the car before the finish line. The narrator jokingly described it as a Contador Style, but it was not so powerful and fast.

The youngest rider in this year's Tour de France, 21-year-old CHEVALIER (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept) rode a large group of cars to the finish line, bringing the best results in the early stages of the race and temporarily reaching the top spot. Not long after, POLITT (Israel Start-Up Nation) led CHEVALIER by 58 seconds and temporarily ranked first. The French time trial champion, CAVAGNA rode a time trial bike all the way, surpassing Tony MARTIN, ARNDT (Team Sunweb) and others, and brought the best results at every timing point. It took 57 minutes and 54 seconds, leading POLITT by 3 minutes and 5 minutes. Seconds, successfully sit in the hot seat. ASGREEN behind was 2 minutes and 31 seconds behind his teammate, temporarily second.

CAVAGNA said on the hot seat: "I have the best results now, but I am also the first batch to start. I believe that the stage competitors will lead me by 45 seconds to 1 minute. I have tried my best, but my 77kg The weight is still too heavy, and I did not perform my best in the later period. I think I will ROGLIČ a lot after the hill climbing section. I did not change the car because I am more comfortable with the timing car. Changing the car will cost me 30-40 Seconds. The national championship shirt on my body gives me a lot of strength. Without this strength, I may lose more than 10 seconds in the final. I am very happy to be wearing this blue, white and red jersey. I am very proud and respect it."

POGAČAR, wearing the Slovenian national individual time trial championship shirt, started. This honor shirt was won by POGAČAR from ROGLIČ and used the tactics of changing cars in the climbing section of the individual time trial. Today POGAČAR can beat ROGLIČ once again. ? ROGLIČ departed shortly after, and all the drivers started. MARTíNEZ (EF Education First) ranked third when it crossed the line, and brought the best score of 17 minutes and 20 seconds in the first grade.

In the first 14km of flat roads, POGAČAR is 13 seconds faster than ROGLIČ. VAN AERT climbed to the top after replacing the large group of cars, leading CAVAGNA to cross the line 28 seconds, and reaching the top seat at an average speed of 37.8km/h. The Belgian's performance in this Tour de France is amazing. Timekeeper DUMOULIN was 12 seconds behind CAVAGNA at the first timing point, 18 seconds faster than CAVAGNA at the second timing point, 51 seconds faster than VAN AERT, and at the third timing point, DUMOULIN was 27 seconds ahead of VAN AERT. In progress.

DUMOULIN was in an amazing state. It crossed the line 10 seconds ahead of VAN AERT without changing cars, with an average speed of 37.9km/h, successfully reaching the top of the hot seat. CARAPAZ, Richie PORTE, POGAČAR and ROGLIČ all changed their cars before the start of the climb. The change process of ROGLIČ was obviously not as smooth as POGAČAR. POGAČAR was 1 second behind DUMOULIN at the second timing point and 36 seconds ahead of ROGLIČ. POGAČAR had a big impact on the championship The trend.

POGAČAR! Three wins and three shirts!

The result of the third timing point was shocking. POGAČAR led DUMOULIN by 48 seconds, and Richie PORTE performed equally well, passing by 0.58 seconds behind DUMOULIN. The expressions of DUMOULIN and VAN AERT, who watched the game together at the finish line, gradually solidified. No one thought that POGAČAR could bring such an amazing performance.

POGAČAR is here! The performance of POGAČAR made the audience excited. The Slovenian teenager led DUMOULIN by 1 minute and 21 seconds. POGAČAR, born on September 21, 1998, made his debut in the Tour de France and won the third stage of the championship before his birthday. Best young driver, climbing king polka dot shirt and Tour de France championship. ROGLIČ was 1 minute and 56 seconds behind POGAČAR. Team Jumbo-Visma lost the stage championship today and lost the lead in the overall result. This is something no one expected.

This is a day enough to be recorded in the history of the Tour de France. This is a day belonging to POGAČAR. After the end of the stage, POGAČAR reached the top of the overall results list, wearing the leader's yellow jersey, leading ROGLIČ by 59 seconds, and Richie PORTE ranked among the top three in the total score with its excellent time trial performance. Sam Bennett has a sprint green jersey, 55 points ahead of SAGAN. POGAČAR reversed the situation and won the first place in the climbing point, and once again put on the climbing king polka dot shirt, leading CARAPAZ by 8 points.
POGAČAR will also put on the best young driver white shirt, leading MAS by 6 minutes and 7 seconds. Team Sunweb won the Super Combativity award in this Tour de France in advance.

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