Bring only the necessary , 10 pieces of equipment necessary for mountain biking .

You have to bring some equipment with you when you go out to ride a bicycle, and you can rescue it in case of a tire blowout. For mountain bike players who often go to the mountains to play, it is natural to wait for a full set of tools on their backs. That won't work. We still have to streamline the equipment and bring only what is necessary, not excess. This article lists some of the equipment that you need to carry when riding in the mountains, so that you have no worries about entering the mountains.

1. Inner tube
Although tubeless tyres have become very popular, tyre repair fluid cannot withstand major damage. One inner tube is very useful at critical moments, if one is not enough, just bring two.

2. Pump
In fact, a few cylinders are enough for daily travel, which is convenient and fast. But if you have the conditions for 4+2 travel, it is also very convenient to bring a gas tank, especially for tubeless tire users.

3. Tire lever
Use a tire lever obediently before picking up tires with bare hands. Besides, some tire levers have many functions.

4. Portable tools
You have to prepare a set of inner hexagon, whether it is a portable tool or a standard hexagon combination. Of course, it would be better if it had a chain cutter. It depends on the demand. It can be used anyway.

5. Raincoat
No one can say about the rain, so I'm still prepared. The waterproof skin clothing that can be folded into a ball is very convenient, light and convenient, and some have sun protection.
6. Cable tie
Just prepare a few of them at will. There are many uses and it depends on imagination.
7. Water and supplies
Needless to say these two, water bags and kettles can be used, energy gels and biscuits can be used, as you like.

8. Cash
Although cash is rarely used nowadays, it is still useful in case the mobile phone runs out of power or signal. It doesn't need to be a lot, just prepare a little bit of it in the handlebar.
9. Lamp
If there is a night riding scene, bring a headlight. In the daytime, at least bring a taillight, if you get lost in the mountains, you can at least send an SOS distress signal.

10. Teammates
Try to avoid entering the mountain alone, please bring someone with you.
All of the above equipment can be brought without a backpack. If you want a backpack, you can also bring more things. So what do you bring when you ride in the mountains?


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