5 tips for commuting by bike in winter

1. Minimize the exposed skin area

Cycling in autumn and winter, the four parts of the head and neck, wrists, waist, and ankles are most vulnerable to cold wind; if you don't want to be frozen into a dog, reducing the exposed area of ​​the skin is where you need to focus on your homework.
If you are sensitive to the cold wind, you will subconsciously shrink your head. It is recommended to wear high-necked clothing or use a riding hood or neck protector to solve this. For the waist, you need to choose suitable clothes and stuff them into your pants. This is generally not a big problem. If you often ride a bike, you must have some clothes suitable for riding.

It is recommended to use long autumn/winter cycling gloves to keep your wrists warm. This is the lowest cost solution. "The sleeves are not long enough and you have to change clothes and the editor can't stop you~" Just wear pants and stockings on the lower half.There is not much mystery.

2. Vent the tires properly

In the winter morning, fog poured into the house with the opening of the door, and there was silence outside the snow-white door; there was often a layer of thin ice on the road when going out in winter. Excessive tire pressure would reduce the vehicle's grip and cause skidding. Mountain bikes can properly reduce the air pressure by 5 to 10 psi from the standard air pressure. Road bikes can refer to mountain bike settings according to their own weight (selecting the appropriate tires according to local road conditions is a better solution) to cope with winter roads.

Of course, the professional argument is to set the appropriate tire pressure according to the external environment. I believe you can understand this after reading the article; the standard tire pressure is generally on the sidewall of the tire.

3. Drink a cup of hot water before going out

In winter, when commuting out by bicycle, it is recommended to drink a cup of hot water to warm up your body. Raising the body temperature in advance can smoothly transition to the warm-up stage outside.

4. Don't forget your gloves

Wear your gear and go out comfortably. Remember not to forget your gloves.

5. Prepare some change and put it in the outer pocket

Following the above suggestions, if you often bring early to work or school, gloves will often delay your time to pay. Take off the gloves, take the money to check out, put on the gloves and leave. I think this process is quite cumbersome anyway, so I suggest you remember to prepare some change in the outer pocket for easy access, no matter morning or evening, when you go out. If the glove supports touch screen, then remember to put the phone in place.

Get the above points to make your commute more leisurely~

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