Burst! Former Giro d'Italia champion Tom Dumoulin announces suspension of professional sports

UCI World Tour team Team Jumbo-Visma once again reported the news: important member of the team, former Giro d’Italia champion Tom Dumoulin announced the temporary suspension of professional sports.

Regarding the reason for the suspension, 30-year-old Dumoulin said it was “excessive pressure”. In the video interview, he further explained: “For the road bike business, I really want to do a good job. I want to make the team satisfied, my wife satisfied, my family satisfied, and everyone satisfied. But over the years, I give myself to Forgot. The question of'what do I want' has been lingering in my mind, but I don't have time to think about the answer, because the career of a professional driver continues day after day. Therefore, I decided to quit for a while to think about me Is it necessary to continue his career?"

In fact, Dumoulin had already begun to retreat. On the last day of last year's Tour de France, he said in an exclusive interview with Dutch NOS radio that he was "having a hard time" with knee injuries, intestinal problems, and then stagnation caused by the epidemic.

Although the suspension was announced, Dumoulin still appeared at the team's collective activities on Friday (January 22).

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