Let children fall in love with bicycles, please keep this guide .

Cycling may be a great way to get time alone, but it is also a great way to spend time with your loved ones. For those of us who are used to riding alone, we can also try to take our spouse and children to ride a bicycle together, so that they can also feel the charm of riding. However, bringing a child is a tricky problem. You need to cultivate it from an early age, let him be fascinated by him, and proceed step by step. We have also formulated different methods for the different stages of the child, from being a child to being an independent cyclist.

To bring children to ride, it is best to let your lover participate in the ride. First of all, prepare a reasonable bicycle for your lover and make sure you have some basic bicycle repair skills, which will help keep all bicycles in the family in good working order. Choose a quiet and pleasant route, which will be fun for everyone. Keep driving at a low speed, especially during the first few outings, and bring plenty of snacks and drinks.

Having the right children's riding protection products will make the whole experience safer and more comfortable, thus bringing more fun to everyone. You need some professional equipment, such as child trailers, bicycle seats, and leashes. Choosing a suitable helmet for children, ventilation and performance are not very important, strength is the greatest guarantee, because they do not need to step on.

It is best for preschool children to use a trailer, which has a roll cage and cover to protect the child from weather, gravel, and insects. Older children can also use the child seat, which has a greater carrying capacity, and your bicycle has better handling than with a trailer. The child seat is cheaper than a trailer, it is very suitable for outings in good weather, and is most suitable for children 9 months to 3 or 4 years old, usually the weight limit is 18 to 20 kg.

If you are about 4 years old, you can bring a balance bike and let him ride with you. Children will gain a sense of balance when moving, so they will learn faster than using a bicycle with pedals and stabilizers, but please remember that this is only suitable for local short trips.

By the time they start school, most children will be able to ride their own bicycles, but it is certainly not safe to go on the road alone, but the children want to step on their own, then you can consider a semi-trailer with a towing arm, which is suitable for children between four and nine years old. The advantage of the semi-trailer is that you can ride farther together with the child under your direct control.

When your child has enough ability to ride alone, it is time to prepare a suitable variable-speed stroller for him. Like an adult bike, riding a light bike will give children more fun and can ride farther. At this time, 20-inch or 24-inch strollers weighing less than 13 kg can be considered. Remember not to think that a child grows fast and buy a larger car for him, which is harmful to the child's health.

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