Multiple secret techniques make riding power soar

Wanting to ride faster is the common aspiration and expectation of many riders. If you want to increase your riding skills, want to ride faster, longer, and farther, you can teach you the most effective secret skills. Let you advance by leaps and bounds.

1. Physical fitness is a prerequisite

Most top riders have strong legs and high oxygen carrying capacity. Good physical fitness, in addition to congenital advantages, later training is also very important. The indicators to measure physical fitness include: strength, endurance and flexibility.

2. Drive a bike that suits you

Since talents are the protagonist, first of all, start with yourself, by measuring your own size and then choosing the bike that suits you and doing post-adjustment, so as to ensure comfortable, efficient riding and avoid sports injuries.

3. "Private customized" exclusive equipment

Cycling clothes and helmet gloves not only make you look more pro, but also enhance your riding experience and give you better protection.

4. Correct riding posture improves efficiency  

For experienced riders, the best grip position when riding a road bike is 90-110 degrees, and the angle of the shoulder joint is in the range of 110-120 degrees when straightening the arms of the back. When the angle of the ankle is in the range of 90-120 degrees, the pedaling force can be exerted best, and the knees and calves will not be fatigued.

5. Two-pronged approach to chainring and transmission system

Highway cranksets are divided into two types: standard disks and compression disks. The most essential difference is the difference in the number of teeth between the two pressure plates. The former has relatively large and dense teeth, which is suitable for cruising and sprint riding. The latter has a small gear ratio and is suitable for climbing. slope.

6. Rock the car

The correct posture of the rocking car is that the car is rocking and the person is not rocking. When you first experience the feeling of rocking the car, do not pull the handlebar with force. The speed should be lowered. When the right foot is about to step on, the car should lean to the left; the same goes for the opposite direction. The gear ratio when rocking is also set according to your own ability and pertinence. The gear ratio of rocking when sprinting is relatively large, and a small gear ratio is required for long uphill slopes.

7. Cadence determines your speed

Generally, the cadence is practiced on the cycling platform, and the rider must constantly change gears in order to maintain a uniform force and even cadence. Cadence training is also a long-term, planned training process. No matter what the road conditions, do not pursue speed, you only need to keep the cadence at the optimal level. Generally speaking: For long-distance riding under non-competitive conditions, the cadence of 80-90 can be maintained, and the climbing frequency can be between 70-80.

In fact, unless you are talented, there is no shortcut to riding faster. Only by accumulation can you continue to improve.

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