Ride on the E-power and go on an adventure through the Alps!

The three riders are riding PROPAIN Ekano electric-assisted mountain bikes with EP8 motors, traversing the mountains in the Alps, exploring as much as they want, and they seem to never tire!
"Of course, the endless trails of Graubünden can lead to the mountains in a narrow area."
"Oh, this must be an experience of nature, an outdoor solitary adventure."
"Well, it sounds good, but please don't go uphill for 1,500 meters."

We started to prepare for all aspects of the cycling weekend. The three of us are like three wild children. We all have a certain connection with PROPAIN: whether it is sponsored riders, mountain veterans, new product testers, race managers.

The solution that best meets the expectations of the three of us is the new Ekano equipped with a powerful EP8 motor, which is an all-around adventurous character in Japanese. Thanks to the new powerful motor, you can climb the mountain better by riding it. Through this E-Tube Project APP, you can precisely adjust its power to suit anyone's riding style. It can be easily configured as a power-saving mode to cope with long-distance trips, or you can jump in the mountains for fun.

A powerful enduro model with powerful functions and customizable functions can provide help in multiple meanings: as fast as a weasel when going downhill, walking on the ground on rugged mountain roads, and saving energy for your legs when going uphill .

After a few weeks, the bag was finally filled with all kinds of equipment, even mattresses and sleeping bags, as well as clothes and equipment needed for several days of mountain exploration and experience electric-assisted mountain bike endurance races. We plan to start a solitary outdoor adventure from the uphill of the pump station.

Several steep hillsides are challenging us, and despite the boost, each of us is exhausted. This is because the interesting electric-assisted riding experience allows us to pass through those tricky uphill sections over and over again. The feeling of "someone going uphill to help" is great. However, after passing a mountain pass, the next one is waiting for us.

The dreamy mountain lake hides behind the ridge, reflecting the sky and passing clouds, making it an ideal place to relax. Because we did not book a place to live and there are only a few unmanaged huts near the Alps, the few of us can only use our rest time to find accommodation. After all, every adventure requires some uncertainty to be called an adventure.

The final solution was thanks to the local Harry, who spent most of the grazing months here. Therefore, we were allowed to use the bullpen as a temporary foothold and spend the night in the straw. In the evening, Harry told us the life story of a mountain farmer, and we also talked about several other cycling adventures. The fire in the wood stove and the small "Zirbengeist" made us forget the fatigue during the day. We not only "charged ourselves", but also charged our bicycles.

The fact that all the downhills in the Alps passed smoothly the next morning seems hardly surprising. Because Ekano is a full-blooded Enduro with a motor. These routes have some requirements for vehicles, but fortunately, there are not many requirements. The bicycle has a good balance and can always keep driving on trails and driving towards valleys on winding roads. The mountains and the countryside are painted into a beautiful landscape. We ran the last 504Wh battery near the valley.

Our number of kilometres keeps growing through short climbs there. Using Ekano can not only assemble the electric motor according to the conventional PROPAIN requirements, but you can also assemble the entire bicycle in depth. Therefore, among the few of us, everyone is very happy to ride this car on the road, and he can use this car to meet his own needs for any fun. Everyone who said that they don't like riding electric-assisted mountain bikes, in the end, they still "really fragrant."

Back in the valley, we spent the night in the hotel. Graubunden’s specialties rejuvenated us and the battery of the moped was fully charged. The inhabitants of the Alps asked us not to mention specific cycling routes.


After a good night's sleep in the warm bed, we went to Rosenheim in Lenzerheide the next morning. There we rode the World Cup track in the bicycle park, and there are many sections exclusively for enduro models with beautiful views, high drop and rich road changes.

After we went to Rosen State, the good shock absorption system of this car, which gained weight due to the presence of the power assist system, also allowed us to enjoy the silky road feel on the track. The feeling of riding an electric mountain bike in the rush mountain and Enduro races is very different. Because for Ekano, such a use scene has been designed for a long time, so you can ride it as you want.

Everyone has enough opportunities to enjoy their own fun down the mountain. Our bike weekend came to a successful conclusion after walking a few meters more than the previous day. Thanks to Ekano, we have gained happiness and satisfaction in these short three days.

"No matter what the road conditions, I think electric mountain bikes are very safe, and I have a deep impression on the power and performance of the motor"-Angie Hohenwarter, athlete, codenamed "red kitty"

"For me, electric-assisted mountain bikes are a new type of mountain bike, which is interesting in technical uphill and downhill. Ekano creates new possibilities."-Gerry, event director, codenamed "mountain weasel"

"Double happiness! I can say for sure that with Ekano, you will remember this sentence. You can ride more distances and experience more tracks in the same time. There must be a kind of I can’t put it down."—Tomas "Der Professor" Schmitt, representative, codenamed "colorful dog"

So, after reading this story of mountain traversal, are you also ready to have a "uninterruptible power" electricity-assisted mountain traversal adventure?

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