Roglič talk about the loss of the Tour de France: the impact of injury also underestimated the opponent

Recently, Primož-Roglič talked in detail about the loss to Tadej Pogačar in the final timed stage of the 2020 Tour de France. He described the failure as "cruel and devastating", but insisted that he had gotten rid of disappointment. Looking forward to training and preparing for the Tour de France next season.

"Failure is cruel and devastating. But it is more for the people around me than myself. I am a person who likes to keep moving forward and not worry about the results," Roglič accepted French "L'" during his vacation. Équipe" said in an interview.

"If I look back at the Tour de France last year, even though I was frustrated by second place at the time, it was still a great result. I told my teammates that our victory showed how strong we are as a team, our comprehensive strength and control of the game. The methods are all very good. This is what we wanted to do before we started, and we worked hard to do it. Of course, I didn’t win, but victory or defeat is the norm. When I did everything I could, I had to accept it. "
The head of the Jumbo team seemed to regret only the three weeks in September.

"I should seize the opportunity for a few seconds in the game." He said, "but it's not enough to spend nearly two minutes. I prefer to remember that I struggled every metre in the game."

The documentary "Code Yellow" produced on Dutch TV revealed the inner emotions of Jumbo team members during the Tour de France and captured the team's surprise at Roglič's performance in the La Planche des Belles Filles time trial.

Tom Dumoulin was particularly shocked, as was Roglič. "I still can't understand two minutes, that's a big difference," he said, sitting in the team bicycle with team manager Richard Plugge an hour after the failure.

"I don't know... they have to calculate the power required to achieve that time. It's just a different world. I can't understand. If you can ride so hard, then every kick must use its full strength. ."

After that, the Jumbo team retracted their opinions, and Roglič also shrugged. He still seems to be shocked by the performance of his compatriots in Slovenia.
"This is not surprising, but surprising," he told L'Équipe. "Because he never proved that it was possible until the moment of winning in the time trial. In some previous stages, he was on the edge. No one could imagine that he had this talent."

He also talked about the "that" yellow chronograph helmet, which looks very uncomfortable, obviously not aerodynamic, and when he tries to contain the loss, it will distract you.

He explained: "I prefer to use the old model, I said before the game, but I am sure this helmet is more aerodynamic. It only took me a few seconds... if I didn’t fall heavily in the Tour de France. If I didn’t get injured before the Tour de France, I might win the game. But what can I do? Nothing can change.”
Roglič confirmed the crash in the Critérium du Dauphiné, which left a huge bruise on his left hip and the pain was so severe that he did not train on the road before heading to Nice for the Tour de France.

Cheer up from failure
Although he failed in the Tour de France, Roglič was admired by fans for his quick recovery and winning Liège Bastogne Liège, especially in the Vuelta a España, where he defeated Richard Carapaz and Hugh Carthy in Madrid with 24 seconds The advantage wins.

After switching from ski jumping to professional cycling in his 20s, Roglič did not want to waste every year and every opportunity of his career. Even after losing the Tour de France, he refused to bow his head.

"I didn't even think about stopping the game after the Tour de France," he said. "I love my job. I am 31 years old this year and I know it will not last forever. Therefore, I want to take advantage of the opportunity to be in a good state and not want to disappoint myself. When the Tour de France ended, I told myself that I was working hard. , Can’t stop there. I want more."

He likes to enjoy the process of preparing for major goals like the Tour de France, instead of worrying about whether he will win the most important competition in the sport.

"I will not trouble myself with such questions, such as whether I will win again." He said, "I want to be the first, but in fact, what I like best is the accumulation of all this. How do I Reach your limits? How to promote teammates and employees?"

"It’s very harmful to only aim for victory. If you are second, then you’re done, and you’ll never find the strength to start again. It will prevent you from enjoying the preparation process. And I, if you can next season Increase by 0.5%, I will be very happy."

Dare to accept criticism and be willing to learn
Roglič has laid the foundation for the new season. He has participated in cross-country skiing training and a family coach training in Tines. It was not until mid-January that he returned to his home in Monaco to start more serious training.
Due to the new crown epidemic, he failed to participate in the Jumbo Team Spain training camp, but is still preparing for 2021. He plans to start the new season in Paris-Nice in early March.

Roglič and Steven Kruijswijk have been appointed as one of the three main players in the Tour de France, and whether Tom Dumoulin can return to the stadium smoothly depends on whether he will retire. When Roglič is interviewed, he may appear alienated and reserved, but he admits that he is very shy and is learning how to become a leader and team member of Jumbo Racing.

"It has never been easy for me," he admitted. "I come from an individual sport like skiing. You have to concentrate completely on yourself, and you have to think about psychological aspects, feelings and techniques. Cycling is more collective. I have to learn from others. I am still trying to figure out how to be a good one. Lead and must work hard to make teammates my good partners. This is not very natural for me."

"For example, in the first days, on the rest days, the lads would get together, go out for coffee, chat, talk and laugh. But I prefer to ride alone and ride alone. I didn’t bother to say it at first, buddies I think I don’t like them, I think I’m special, I only care about myself."

Roglič's consistent image seems elusive, especially in front of the media, but he has gradually adapted to his position as one of the sports stars and a real contender.

"I have to say, I am willing to accept criticism," he said. "When I do something wrong, I am grateful for others to tell me that I take it as a challenge to make myself better. This is a way of learning."

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