S1 Tour of the UAE: Crosswinds assault , Mathieu van der Poel staged an invincible sprint.

On February 21, the first stage of the Tour of UAE ended. The Dutch national champion Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecin-Fenix) held on to the end with a crosswind, winning the stage with one enemy and more, and won the championship. This is Mathieu van der Poel's first victory in road racing this season. Only three weeks ago, he won the road and cross-country world championship title. His strength is terrible.

▲The first stage starts from Al Dhafra Castle, passes through the Abu Dhabi area, and then rides 176km to the coastal city of Al Mirfa. Cross winds along the way will bring many challenges to the riders

Although the first stage looks like a flat river, the strong cross winds brought by the desert area along the way made the game difficult. The INEOS Team took the lead in tearing the main group. Several groups of people began to divide and recombine. The chasing never meant to stop.

Before the arrival of the first sprint point on the way, the wolves attacked. Deceuninck-Quick-Step took his lead player João Almeida to win the first 3-second sprint time. At this time, there were only 26 people left in the leading group. With 38km away from the finish line, João Almeida sprinted to defeat Tadej Pogačar, and then won the sprint points on the way. He will wear the black shirt representing the highest sprint points on the way after the game. At this point in the game, there are 23 people left in the leading group, 2 minutes ahead of the chasing group.

▲The big group was torn into multiple small groups, showing the intensity of the competition


▲Horizontal wind array

At the end of the race, Caleb Ewan, Pascal Ackermann and Sam Bennett fell behind early and missed the title. The first group of drivers such as Tadej Pogačar, Elia Viviani, Fernando Gaviria were ready to compete for their first victory of the season. At this time, they said they were before the race. The man who will play as a puncher has also quietly taken his place.

After the last corner, Elia Viviani took the lead from the right side of the track. Such a long-distance sprint would quickly drain his energy. At the rear left of Elia Viviani, Mathieu van der Poel launched the maximum output almost at the same time. The swing of the car was wide and the speed was beyond the reach of many drivers. The man held his winning streak, calmly raised his hand before the finish line to celebrate, welcoming his first victory in the road race of the season.

After the game, Mathieu van der Poel said: “I was here to lead the punch today, but I was in good shape from the beginning. After the first sprint point on the way, I managed to catch up with the leading group. The race became very difficult, which happened to be my strong point. I rushed to win, which I did not expect. It is of great significance to me to start my road season like the end of the road and cross-country season."

Top three of the stage

1. Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecin-Fenix), average speed 46.770km/h

2. David Dekker (Team Jumbo–Visma)

3. Michael Mørkøv (Deceuninck-Quick-Step)

Four-color jersey

Overall red shirt: Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecin-Fenix)

Sprint green shirt: Mathieu van der Poel (Alpecin-Fenix)

Best young driver white shirt: David Dekker (Team Jumbo–Visma)

Sprint points black shirt on the way: João Almeida (Deceuninck-Quick-Step)



Highlights of the tournament

▲UAE Team Emirates home battle


▲Tadej Pogačar is the number 1 rider in this game

▲Swim from Sicily to Abu Dhabi "The Shark" Vincenzo Nibali


▲Filippo Ganna's goal is ITT in the second stage


▲Chris Froome comes back



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