S4 Tour of the UAE: Revenge all insults! Sam Bennett sprinted violently and beaten powerful enemies

On February 24, the fourth stage of the Tour of UAE ended. Sam Bennett (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) was so strong in the last 200m that he defeated powerful enemies and won the stage championship.


▲This is the longest stage of this tournament. The almost flat track and two sprint points on the way are the stages for the sprinters


No big news happened after the game started. David Dekker snatched the points from the first sprint point on the way, and the main group drove gently into the desert area with yellow sand.


It was not until the last 90km that two riders began to break through, and the two-minute advantage was not enough to allow them to escape from the menacing main group. When there was still 28km from the finish line, the breakout riders were retracted, and the convoys began to line up on the wide avenue to make final preparations for their sprinters.


UAE Team Emirates at home played steadily, sending Tadej Pogačar and Fernando Gaviria into the final 4.5km. Bora–Hansgrohe is eager to win. Pascal Ackermann took the lead in the final 200m with the help of his teammates. Behind him is the European champion Giacomo Nizzolo (Qhubeka Assos). Sam Bennett, who is on the right rear of Giacomo Nizzolo, sees that he has left his teammate’s tail. Flow, bit Giacomo Nizzolo and then launched the final blow from the left side of the track. David Dekker changed lanes almost synchronously with Sam Bennett, but was closed by the former and could only bite the rear wheel but could not overtake.


Pascal Ackermann sprinted too early, and gradually slowed down in the last few hundred meters. Caleb Ewan, Elia Viviani, Fernando Gaviria came to the front of the group from the right. Caleb Ewan followed Sam Bennett at first. As Sam Bennett chose to overtake on the left, there was a blank area in front of Caleb Ewan without a punch. He could only grit his teeth to keep up with the quick trot with the punch still in front, ignoring the one on the right. Fernando Gaviria smashed his way and eventually surpassed Pascal Ackermann. Fernando Gaviria lacked stamina and was flanked by Caleb Ewan and Elia Viviani, only to barely squeeze into the top ten.

In the end, Sam Bennett raised his arms and shouted at the finish line and successfully won the stage championship, which was also his fiftieth victory in his career. David Dekker followed the right person, but there was no room for overtaking, finishing second in the stage. Caleb Ewan performed well but missed the opportunity and finished third in the stage.

Top three of the stage
1. Sam Bennett (Deceuninck-Quick-Step), average speed 41.939km/h
2. David Dekker (Team Jumbo–Visma)
3. Caleb Ewan (Lotto–Soudal)

Top three in total
1. Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates)
2. Adam Yates (INEOS Team) +43 seconds
3. Almeida (Deceuninck-Quick-Step) +1 minute 3 seconds

Four-color jersey
Overall score red jersey: Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates)
Sprint green jersey: David Dekker (Team Jumbo–Visma)
Best young rider white jersey: Tadej Pogačar
On the way to sprint points black jersey: Tony Gallopin (AG2R Citroën Team)



Highlights of the tournament

▲The UAE Mars Rover "Hope"

▲Caleb Ewan wants to reproduce the glory of last year, but unfortunately there are too many strong enemies


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