S5 of UAE Tour : The last climb! Jonas Vingegaard comes out on top.

On February 25th, the fifth stage of the UAE Tour ended. Jonas Vingegaard (Team Jumbo–Visma) rose up in the final climb, withstood the pressure of the chasing rider, and successfully crossed the line to win the stage championship. Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates) performed well, beating his competitors in the climb to take second place in the stage, and received a time-reduction reward.


▲For GC riders, this battle will determine the overall result


In the early stages of the game, the main group continued to attack, a small group of less than ten people established a 7-minute lead, and the INEOS Team controlled the rhythm of the game. Under the lead of ITT World Champion Ganner, the main group came to the foot of Jebel Jais, the time gap dropped to 2 minutes, and the riders were about to enter the final 21.2km decisive climb with an average slope of 5.4%.


Entering the climb, the INEOS Team tactically retreated and left the lead position to the UAE Team Emirates team. They had to make a final counterattack for Adam Yates. The UAE Team Emirates team does not seem to be happy to lead the ride, the main group has slowed down, and the INEOS Team has to come back to the front of the group to pursue it. With the breakout riders falling behind one after another, in the end only the Kazakhstan national champion Alexey Lutsenko (Team Astana) still persisted.


With the help of teammates, the GC riders in front of the main group speeded up the rhythm, the deputy speeded up the attack, and when the distance was 3.3km to the end, the time gap was reduced to 30 seconds, and Chris Froome fell behind. At this moment, Vincenzo Nibali attacked, brought out Wout Poels and other riders, and briefly separated from the GC group. João Almeida then accelerated, leading the GC group to catch up with Vincenzo Nibali and others in the final 1.6km, and launched another attack to force Adam Yates to react, followed by Tadej Pogačar step by step.


Just as the GC riders were staring at each other, Jonas Vingegaard (Team Jumbo–Visma) found the right time to launch a winning sprint and caught up with Alexey Lutsenko in the final 250m. Alexey Lutsenko was helpless and was quickly swallowed by the turbulent GC group. Tadej Pogačar pressed on tightly and surpassed Adam Yates in the final climb, but at this time Jonas Vingegaard was already cheering for his victory before the finish line. In the end, Tadej Pogačar won the second stage and the time-reduction award, Adam Yates Third, the time gap between the two's total scores widened to 45 seconds.

Top three of the stage
1. Jonas Vingegaard (Team Jumbo–Visma), average speed 39.361km/h
2. Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates)
3. Adam Yates (INEOS Team)

Top three in total
1. Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates)
2. Adam Yates (INEOS Team) +45 seconds
3. João Almeida (Deceuninck-Quick Step) +1 minute 12 seconds

Four-color jersey
Overall score red jersey: Tadej Pogačar (UAE Team Emirates)
Sprint green jersey: Tadej Pogačar
Best young rider white jersey: Tadej Pogačar
Sprint points on the way to black jersey: Thomas De Gendt (Lotto–Soudal)



Highlights of the tournament



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