Unexpected Grand Tour! 9 keywords for 2020 Giro d'Italia

The 2020 Tour of Italy Road Cycling is over. Affected by the new crown epidemic, this year's season can be said to have been completely disrupted. What is the difference between the Tournament held in this special period? Next, we will review the 2020 Giro d'Italia through 9 key words.

1.Geraint Thomas

The championship favorite, Geraint Thomas, was tripped by a water bottle thrown by the group during the third stage of the neutral ride. In the end, Geraint Thomas finished the race with a time of 12 minutes and 19 seconds behind the champion. The INEOS Grenadiers team announced the next day. Geraint Thomas officially withdrew from the current competition for the Geraint Thomas due to a severe fracture of his pelvis.

Geraint Thomas crashed and retired. INEOS Grenadiers had no leader. Filippo Ganna also lost the pink shirt for leading Geraint Thomas to catch up with the main group. Joao Almeida of Deceuninck-Quick Step took over.

2.Arnaud Demare

This year, Arnaud Demare is in hot form. He beat a group of sprinters to cut all five sprint stages of the flat road group, and won the first Grand Tour of his career honor shirt. This is the best in his personal history in Giro. The record also makes FDJ the best team outside of the INEOS Grenadiers team in this year's Grenadiers.

3. Epidemic

After the seventh stage, Simon Yates of the Mitchelton-SCOTT team was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. In the subsequent races, many drivers and staff tested positive for new crown pneumonia. This worries everyone. According to the current status of zero infection and the Central West, the Giro-Italian Organizing Committee does have a lot of loopholes in the epidemic prevention measures, but we can only pray that all infected persons can recover as soon as possible, and that the subsequent competitions can do a good job in preventing epidemics. Under the premise of safety, drivers and fans can enjoy the race with peace of mind.


Peter Sagan (BORA-hansgrohe), as a superstar in the current car world, has not won a victory for nearly a year. This is certainly a disappointment for fans. For Sagan, he also needs a victory to break this long A championship drought for hundreds of days. Finally, in the tenth stage, Sagan used his assault ability and downhill skills to successfully get rid of all his opponents in the breakout group, and finally won the championship with a 25-second time advantage. Sagan’s victory undoubtedly made fans deeply moved. The long-lost victory, let us still believe that he is still the king.

5.Joao Almeida

The 15th Giro d’Italia is the most difficult high mountain stage in the first two weeks of the Giro d’Italia. As a non-total contender, it’s not easy for Joao Almeida to keep this pink jersey. After several pulls, he finally got tired. It became obvious that he was recovered part of the time gap by the major GC players, but he still kept the pink shirt.

6.Rohan Dennis

Coming to the eighteenth stage, it was another hilltop finish. Joao Almeida once again exposed fatigue. Team Sunweb and INEOS Grenadiers responded in time. Rohan Dennis, Geoghegan Hart, Jai Hindley and Wilco Kelderman broke through from the group. After coming out, it began to widen the gap with Fanshan Group. Later, Wilco Kelderman fell behind. Under the lead of Rohan Dennis, Wilco Kelderman was quickly opened by a time gap of 1 minute and 30 seconds. After Rohan Dennis finished the lead, Geoghegan Hart and Jai Hindley were heading for the stage champion. In the end, Jai Hindley won the stage championship with a higher tail speed, and the overall result rose to second place. Wilco Kelderman took the pink shirt after the race, Team Sunweb achieved a double harvest, and Geoghegan Hart's overall score rose to third. .

7.Geoghegan Hart

In the last 9.6 kilometers of the twentieth stage of the game, the breakout group reintegrated. Jai Hindley attacked again before the last sprint point and grabbed the minus. This wave of attack brought out Geoghegan Hart and Rohan Dennis, Deceuninck-Quick Step's stopper. Li accelerated to keep up, and the four as the first group launched an impact to the finish line. 3 kilometers before the finish line, Jai Hindley attacked Rohan Dennis continuously, and Geoghegan Hart successfully resisted Jai Hindley's offensive. In the end, Geoghegan Hart won the championship by half of the car body. After the twentieth stage, Jai Hindley and Geoghegan Hart have the same time and no second difference. After an accurate calculation by the organizing committee, it is determined that Jai Hindley has a pink jersey.

8. Time Trial

The essence of road bikes-the time trial is the final word. In the 21st stage of the Giro d'Italia, Filippo Ganna showed a crushing dominance and won the last victory of the Giro d'Italia. So far, he has also won all the individual time trials in the Giro d'Italia in 2020 without any suspense. Yes, and Geoghegan Hart's time trial skills are obviously better than Jai Hindley. In the end, Geoghegan Hart succeeded in surpassing Jai Hindley by 39 seconds and won the 2020 Giro d'Italia championship. Jai Hindley and Wilco Kelderman ranked second in the total. , Three.

9.INEOS Grenadiers

Geoghegan Hart's victory in the 2020 Giro d'Italia championship is undoubtedly an upset. Almost no one would list it as a championship favorite before the race, but the INEOS Grenadiers team relied on the efforts of Rohan Dennis and other super lieutenants and Geoghegan Hart's excellent personal State and excellent personal time trial ability, won two stage titles and successfully surpassed Jai Hindley in the 21st stage, leaving his name on the endless cup, plus Filippo Ganna's three personal time trials. The victory, as well as the team’s breakthrough victories in the other two stages, the seven stage titles and the championship proved that INEOS Grenadiers still dominate the Grand Ring.

In general, the 2020 Giro d'Italia can complete all 21 stages, and the organizing committee is under great pressure. After all, the nucleic acid test on each rest day has drivers or staff who test positive. This is by no means only It is a threat to the participants, and it is the focus of the entire international community. We can only hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible, so that more races can be held as scheduled, and the drivers can maintain their excellent competitive level to show to fans all over the world.

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