War is coming and stars are gathering! UAE Team Tour Announced.

The first World Tour of the 2021 season-Tour of the UAE will be held from February 21 to 27 (details: "World Tour teams gather; UAE Tour returns in February"). In the announced list of participating riders, we You can see the new star Pogačar of the Tour de France, Adam Yates, the last championship of the Tour de France, Froome, the timing master Ganna, the man Vandepoul, and many top sprinters Sam Bennett, Ewan, Ackermann, Gaviria and other big-name riders. This lineup is very exciting to think about.

As the only World Tour in the Middle East, the third Tour of the UAE brought together 19 World Tour racing teams. In last year's game, Pogačar lost to Adam Yates by a narrow margin, finishing second in the overall score and the white shirt. After the training of the Grand Tour, Pogačar returned this year and launched an impact towards the top of the total score.

▲Pogačar and Adam Yates are fighting on the field. This year Adam Yates will wear Team Ineos uniforms.

▲Froome will stage his first show after joining Israel Start-Up Nation

ITT world champion Ganna will participate in the UAE Tour of the UAE for the first time. In addition, Hirschi, who has newly joined UAE TEAM EMIRATES, will also make his debut. What kind of spark will they have with the UAE Tour of the UAE?

This is the third time Ewan has participated in the Tour of the UAE. The green shirt winner last year will compete on the same stage with Sam Bennett, Ackermann and Gaviria. They are all top sprinters who have won the Tour of UAE.


▲Ackermann won the UAE Tour last year


The arrival of Vandepoul can be said to be a surprise. His participation in the Tour of UAE with the Alpecin-Fenix ​​team will bring more variables to the GC war.


More participating teams, team members, stage information and competition prevention measures will be announced in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

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